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big molting troubles...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Immortal_sin, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Immortal_sin

    Immortal_sin Arachnotemptress Old Timer

    My A urticans is attempting to molt today with no molting hammock. She's been wandering her container (10 gallon on it's side) for several days, refusing to go in to her perfectly nice tube web home. I found her a few minutes ago clinging to the topside of the container, after spinning only a small amount of webbing. She was hanging by 2 legs, and her carapace had 'popped the top'. Knowing that she would fall to her death (a height of at least 16 inches) once her legs made it out, I felt it was time to interfere. (I feel this is a case of 'damned if you do, damned if you don't). I put her in a moist ICU (hehe). We'll see if she makes it. I never interfere with a molt, but I'm certain that she would fall. My first A avic did the same thing, and died (probably of internal injuries) 3 days after molting and falling. My P ornata male that molted mature, and died a few days later had also not made a molting web. I'm not sure if he fell or not, there might have been other things wrong with him.
    She's an old girl, so it just may be her time.
    I'll give an update once I know the outcome.
  2. DnKslr

    DnKslr Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Oh my goodness! Its like she is suicidal (spelling??). I wonder if they hang like that in the wild? Its amazing the even survive the fall from a tree, that's assuming they hang from the branches. Maybe the leaf litter helps to absorb the fall :rolleyes:
    Good luck on the molt, hope it turns out ok. :eek:
  3. Immortal_sin

    Immortal_sin Arachnotemptress Old Timer

    well, I think she's dead now. No movement, and no reaction to light, or a paintbrush touch on her legs. All stiff too....
    What a bummer, and now I wonder if I should have left her alone. Second guessing yourself sucks!
    I also want to note that in the last week, she's been acting VERY odd. Not like her normal premolt behaviour. In fact, about 2 weeks ago, I actually took her out of her container, and examined her. She was extremely sluggish, and seemed to have trouble moving. Her pedicel also looked funny...kinda 'stretched' or something. Like her two halves were trying to separate.
    Maybe her time was just up...but I'm still really bummed....
  4. Philth

    Philth N.Y.H.C. Arachnosupporter

    Sorry to hear about her. I got a A. urticans about a month ago and it molted on the bottom of the tank, without any webbing at all. I figured cuase it was still kind of a new spider, it just hadn't found the right spot yet to start building. Too bad, cuase mines a mature male now, I would of gave him to ya.
  5. Immortal_sin

    Immortal_sin Arachnotemptress Old Timer

    oh Tom...what a bummer! I have been trying to find a mature male for her every year, with no luck. She made two infertile eggsacs the first two years I had her, apparently she wanted to be a mom. Too bad I never got to breed her. (there I go anthropomorphizing shamelessly!)
  6. Immortal_sin

    Immortal_sin Arachnotemptress Old Timer

    thought I'd post some pics...not very good, since my macro sucks...but this should give an idea of what happened

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  7. Aww...I'm so sorry you lost her :( I think you did the right thing though by moving her, as a fall would definately have done damage if not killed her for sure. I know how you feel though. You were the best mom you could be and I'm sure she knew she was loved *hug*


    P.S. I LOVE your tattoo!!