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Best foods for tarantulas

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by mrclean, May 23, 2011.

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    Could someone point me in the right direction on what to feed my group of monsters.Im feeding them crickets now is superworms or roaches better?
  2. Safe78

    Safe78 Arachnopeon

    Roaches have more protien
  3. fartkowski

    fartkowski Arachnoemperor

    I have always fed crickets with no problems.
    I usually feed them off before they have a chance to smell, and if some get out, I find the chirping relaxing:)
  4. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    As long as the food is gut-loaded (fed high quality food) a day or two before feeding you shouldn't have any problems. If you do decide to use superworms make sure to offer them some fruit and veggies before you feed them, the bedding they come packed on isn't all that nutritious.
  5. Ty im going to the pet store and getting some gutload for the crickets
  6. lancej

    lancej Arachnolord

    I would stay away from the "gut-loading" cricket food that contains a high calcium content. I've read and heard that too much calcium in the diet will cause bad molts. If I'm off base on this, somebody please set me straight.
  7. Obijuan56

    Obijuan56 Arachnosquire

    I tend to feed my tarantulas what they like best, Some like crickets while others like superworms, though I am in the process of bringing up a Dubia Roach colony. Though I would say crickets are a good way to go, since they are readily available almost anywhere
  8. Falk

    Falk Arachnodemon

    Its important to give variations, crickets, roaches, locusts or other big insects. Giving only roaces or only crickets its not very good. I use well fed B. dubia as basic and then give crickets or lucousts now and then.
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  9. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    Assuming you vary the diet of your feeders this won't be as much of a concern, however I do like to the same thing. Varied diets are important for good growth and healthy tarantulas.
  10. Careful with super worms, those guys can deliver a pretty bad bite.
  11. skar

    skar Arachnobaron

    I completely agree ! I feed mine a varied diet crix, waxworms, roachs etc. . . .
    I do not have the link but there was a study on feeding a varied diet vs just crickets and the results were very convincing. ( however in the study it was meal worms and crix vs just crix.
  12. Where can i find locusts?

    Where can i find locusts to feed my tarantula?
  13. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking Active Member

    google it... im sure it cant be too hard to find locusts... cant they harm your t though? how big are the ts youre feedin
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  14. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    It's illegal to ship/culture them in the states.
  15. re

    ah i say around 4-5 inches not good with measuring lol.... I`ll stick with crickets roaches and wax worms.Would nite crawlers work or is the goo that they produce bad for tarantulas?
  16. Merfolk

    Merfolk Arachnoprince Old Timer

    The most intense food responses I witnessed were toward lizards. I am lucky since my habitual shop sells feeder geckos. Each T gets about 2-3 a year when they get over 5'' and they have smaller lacertas at 2$. Otherwise, I feed about evey kind of worm I can buy. Variety is the key, they don't stick to the same prey item in the wild. Crickets are the default food here.
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  17. Jonny rotten

    Jonny rotten Arachnopeon

    Hi can theybeat darkling beetles or ate they to hard
  18. Ungoliant

    Ungoliant Arachnoprince Active Member

    I wouldn't feed them adult beetles unless they are freshly molted (soft and white). The larvae (mealworms) and pupae are fine, but crush the head of the mealworm before feeding it to the tarantula.
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  19. N1ghtFire

    N1ghtFire Arachnosquire

    I would recommend starting your own little colonies of b. lateralis roaches and mealworms, and perhaps Dubia. They are all easy to breed and some tarantulas are pickier than other so having a few different feeders gives you more variety to feed. Some of mine won't eat mealworms, some won't eat dubia. All of mine like B. lateralis. I would start off with 500+ of each and let them grow and breed.
  20. mconnachan

    mconnachan Arachnoprince Active Member

    Blaptica Dubia, are my choice of feeders, pound for bound, gram per gram, the best feeder you can get, easy to breed, and you can start a colony with maybe 20 mixed sizes,my colony has been going for over three years and is still going strong, the advantage of a colony is you have different sizes of feeders for different sizes of tarantulas, bearded dragons, geckos, all manner of inverts take dubias. You can buy colonies of lots of different feeders, B. lateralis, mealworms, crickets, although crickets would be my last choice of feeders for many reasons, one, they stink something awful, two - they drown far too easily. three - meat/nutrition content in comparison to other feeders is poor.