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Best $$$ bringing sac

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by TB3Redneck, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. TB3Redneck

    TB3Redneck Arachnosquire

    Hey forum, just curios, what was the most money you gained from one sac, and what sp. was it? I was sitting here thinking about it and I wanna see some stats :D
  2. Warren Bautista

    Warren Bautista Arachnoprince Old Timer

    The one between my legs.
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  3. TB3Redneck

    TB3Redneck Arachnosquire

    Im NOT in it for the money man :) I love my t's, I just figured someone could gain bragging rights :p

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    ...you have more than one sac between your legs...?
  4. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Derp derp.

    I got a sac from a wolf spider once...I let them go, so the reward was priceless.

    I win.

    What kind of a name is 'angrychair', anyway?
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  5. My guess is that it's referring to the track on this album.

    - Sam
  6. I robbed a bank of America once and in the money sack they managed stuff 60 grand into it. Oh you meant tarantulas.. My mistake!
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  7. Really, some of the most costly things I've produced came from one of them kind of sacs
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  8. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Amen !
  9. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

    well to answer the initial question the OP asked.

    It depends. A. how much you have over head(IE what did momma and daddy cost you)

    B. what number sac this would be from her.

    C. will they sell.

    with the first sac, you will need to make sure to make your overhead back. which will be the cost of the female, and male. sometimes depending on species that can be hard.

    This is assuming all eggs and sacs are good.

    the next sac, is going to cost you the price of a male(which can be expensive depending on species/genus)

    Now, selling them.

    If you move them as groups you loose money. big time.

    if you sell them individually you will make money, but sit of them forever.(unless there higher end species..IE P. metallica)

    then, you will get some bad arse offers you cant resist(I know I have)

    In ever sac I hav ever produced, I can honestly say I have made but maybe 100 bucks... I tend to trade, barter..give away most the "profit". this way I have more species, more females, more fun.

    now for the answer you wanted to hear. YES you can make money. I know Talkenlate made quite a bit of money..but then again he was breed multiple female, of higher end species.
  10. vickywild

    vickywild Arachnoknight

    Do Blondis bring in a lot of wonga?
  11. mitchrobot

    mitchrobot Arachnoknight Old Timer

    probably the most profitable sac my girls have produced would be my a.purpurea and versicolor. before i was selling my own slings and all that i would just wholesale to the two local retailers of inverts near me, who i think i charged $450ish for each of the sacs. which is nothing compared to what i could have made nickel and diming them out, but well, at the time i didnt really feel like it. i think the most ive gotten for an irminia sac was $350ish and around $200ish for an OBT sac. since ive started selling them on my own, i cant say who's been the most profitable as i dont keep track, and many just get traded for other bugs.

    nickel and diming out slings...to be honest, ive probably made the most selling versicolor again, or h.macs....the h.macs i sold cheap, but i had like 250 something of them, so it all adds up. but yea, often times i also do a lot of trading, most of the money i get from slings goes right back into the hobby anyways.

    you dont really make all that much IME unless its something really desireable at the time, or just something that will always be a sought after species (p.mets, blondi, any of the orange-ish brachypelmas, xenesthis...etc). trading for stuff is in a lot of ways better, and can also be profitable if you sell what you trade for.

    now Cody brings up a good point about breaking even on the adults,
    ive got a balfouri sac right now (dropped 2 days ago), if its good, i can honestly say i still wont break even on what i spent initially on all my breeders, for one, the price has dropped considerably, and these in specific lay very few eggs. but im sure if priced right they would be gone relatively quickly. in contrast ive got like...literal hundreds and hundreds of n.chromatus getting ready to go into 2nd instar, those at 2nd instar arent worth peanuts, and every one has them, even if i sold them at like $1...i could see myself having to hold onto a few hundred for a good while before they all sell...

    or something.
  12. synyster

    synyster Arachnobaron

    The ultimate truth! I couldn't agree more...
  13. TB3Redneck

    TB3Redneck Arachnosquire

    Thanks guys, that was some good laughs, and info haha.
  14. syndicate

    syndicate Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    I've made some OK money hatching out certain species but honestly right about now trying to make a lot of money selling spiders in the USA is a very hard thing to do!A lot of species have lost there value due to a certain dealer from California smuggling so much stuff in and also so many breeders/keepers dumping there collections or captive bred spiderlings for next to nothing it really affects the price and makes it difficult for dealers to keep up!
    Back on topic here I would say some of the most profitable egg sacks in the US were prob when P.metallica were still selling like hot cakes for about 250$ each!(You do the math there!)
    I would say right about now if you hatched out some metallica and tried to retail them all out for 150-175 each it would most likely take you years to sell them all..The spider market here in the US seems to be going downhill big time and I don't know if it will ever spring back.I am in no way doing this for the money but in a way I'd like to think many of these spiders deserve much more value than they have.
    My 2 cents
  15. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    +1 on this except i disagree with one thing and thats bringing someone down for a mistake (no matter the size) it is still a mistake and was no need to bring it up. BUT other than that i completely agree the spider market is going downhill. But it could possibly come back lets just keep our fingers crossed
  16. Not to hijack the thread but
    -1 For not caring enough about the brown boxers "mistake"(knowingly committing a crime REPEATEDLY might be a better term).Has this brown boxer done anything for the OUR hobby other than illegally exploit it for a profit and possibally cause new unneeded legeslation?
    It's crazy how many people just don't care.
    Thats were the market went.Who wants to shell out the dough for and "investment species" when the hobby is so shaddy.It's sad because the T hobby is starting to get bigger but as a group we defend and stick up for people that hurt our hobby.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2011
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  17. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    Just because I dont point a finger at that person or try to sognal them out or belittle them does not mean I dont care. I am not going to argue with you about right and wrong. I am also not going to argue my beliefs on respect towards a human being. Period point blank you can say im supporting what he does all you want all I was saying is there was no reason for how you threw him out there like that. And in my opinion youre all being hypocrites youre complaining he did something ecetremely illegal when you all do something illegal everyday whem you ship a tarantula you run the risk of bringing that attention to us as well and are commiting illegal acts as well. So when you go to the post and have a spider in there and glame its.just a fragile object or whatever you might say youre also "brown boxing" so please before you point and shake your finger at someone think about what you do as well. Because if you ever got caught shipping you would brimg the same kind of attention.
  18. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    It would be pretty ignorant to assume that only one person has ever done this...
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  19. Comparing people who smuggle animals to people who ship USPS...You can bark up that tree all day long,I'm not buying it.
    FYI you can ship second day Fedex just about anywere for about $8 and a lot of people here do.

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    I'm sure he's not the only one...But when they do pop up they should be weeded out of the T community.Not just swept under the rug.
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  20. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    Ok it is not legal to ship a tarantula amywhere in the us no matter what postal service you use. So how that was relevant for you to say I have no clue. And an illegal act is an illegal act. Just because somebody steals a tshirt and another steals a tv doesnt make them any less of a thief. They just arent shooting for the big stuff. Im done arguing this petty crap you were wrong to throw someone out there like that he is human he made mistakes like I said before even if they were big mistakes they were mistakes none the less.

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    Oh and on one last note you do realize he got caught importing through normal air mail right? The only difference youre whining about is it came from out of the country.

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    And you shipping your tarantulas is once again committing a crime. Repeatedly.