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Best "Big" Tarantula

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Dylan Bruce, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Tim Benzedrine

    Tim Benzedrine Prankster Possum Old Timer

    She isn't done growing yet and I'm still impressed by my LP's size.

    Enclosure is overdue for a cleaning, she's been tossing her boluses behind her coconut and there is still a moulting mat laid down, but I'm trying to wait until warmer weather and do an entire rehousing. I intend to do it outdoors, I'd rather chase her down in an open space than in my living room, should the need arise, plus it lessens the chances of errant setae contamination. Been a little worried about those boluses drawing mites, but so far I have seen no sign of any, knock wood.

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  2. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    My L Klugi always attacks any attempt to add water to either her dish or frog moss. It doesn't even matter if I try to trick or lure her to another area in the cage.

    Feeding her first sometimes buyd me enough time but usually I just slowly pour water in and let her figure out that it's not food.

    I can't comment on the max size because she's only still 5 inches long. I did a mathematical calculation and I think she will be 8 inches on her first year anniversary of arrival.

    It's hard to predict a final size especially since this spider isn't able to be handled directly. There's also the blarney factor by which one factors emotional impact to the measurement!!

    Jon3800 had one that was truly mammoth and based that on a molt. Still, I can't imagine her outgrowing a 5 gallon enclosure.
  3. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah my Pamph rushes the water as it falls...then just sits there getting rained on like its pouting because there isn't the food she thought was there.
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  4. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    There goes Kezy posting after a few pints. We all know those species are dwarfs!