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Beautiful new whips

Discussion in 'True Spiders & Other Arachnids' started by Sarkhan42, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Sarkhan42

    Sarkhan42 Arachnolord Active Member

    71AC6783-0218-4E59-8D39-7B44D9674084.jpeg BAE7BF7F-0197-4556-B296-FA9668B7C26C.jpeg 9BC0DE9B-7260-4975-A107-F4166B640CFC.jpeg Got the opportunity to grab - pair of beautiful L3 H. batesii, absolutely floored by how large and leggy these babies already are.

    They don’t seem very keen on live crickets or red runners quite yet, but they took to some pre killed hesitantly.
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  2. Jurdon

    Jurdon Arachnoknight

    These are beautiful! (Seems to be a recurring theme with the animals you have) I’m floored as well, never been a huge fan of Amblygi but these look awesome!
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  3. aphono

    aphono Arachnobaron

    Nice!! and congrats!! :)
  4. schmiggle

    schmiggle Arachnoprince Active Member

    So glad these are still being sold in the US--was worried they were gone. Absolutely lovely specimens you've got there.
  5. Schledog

    Schledog Arachnosquire

    They had them on bugs and cyberspace about a week ago, but I missed my chance :depressed:
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  6. Sarkhan42

    Sarkhan42 Arachnolord Active Member

    That’s were I got mine. Managed to get 2 of the last 3 left!
  7. schmiggle

    schmiggle Arachnoprince Active Member

    I'm definitely in this for the long game--my suitemates this year don't like the idea of them--so this is good information. I was convinced Peter Claussen wasn't selling them anymore.
    Let us know if you manage to breed them :woot:
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  8. Sarkhan42

    Sarkhan42 Arachnolord Active Member

    I'll definitely be trying! @dragonfire1577 picked up one as well so we'll likely work together towards some babies.
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  9. Ratmosphere

    Ratmosphere Arachnoking Active Member

  10. Schledog

    Schledog Arachnosquire

    I’m jealous
  11. pannaking22

    pannaking22 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Dang, I'd emailed Peter about those as well. Guess I know why there hasn't been a response lol. Ah well, maybe next year then. Congrats on the beautiful new additions!
  12. Heres a photo of number 3 in its enclosure for you guys! 20181109_163101.jpg
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  13. Schledog

    Schledog Arachnosquire

    I know they won’t adults for a while but definitely put me on the list for one :)
  14. wizentrop

    wizentrop to the rescue! Old Timer

    You guys are funny... These were clearly born this year. It takes H. batesii around 4-5 years to reach a size where it can reproduce successfully, and you are already calling dibs.
    (not to mention - there are H. batesii being offered right now if you just care to check the sale ads)
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  15. Schledog

    Schledog Arachnosquire

    Hey hey hey I never said they didn’t take 4 to five years to mature I’m just salty they got the last ones;)
  16. schmiggle

    schmiggle Arachnoprince Active Member

    As soon as I have understanding housemates, the sale ads will not be able to escape me.

    I heard rumors that F1 Euphrynichus amanica would be for sale at some point--anyone know anything about that?
  17. WildSpider

    WildSpider Arachnobaron Active Member

    I've been really interested in Amblypygi since I got to see them in person when I was little. Hopeful I'll get to have some someday.

    Your guys look awesome! It'll be so cool when they're grown :D.
  18. Minty

    Minty @londontarantulas Arachnosupporter

    These are cool.
  19. Sarkhan42

    Sarkhan42 Arachnolord Active Member

    F3AC6F28-B58C-4F6D-8E56-4C43EE32C88F.jpeg B6764400-6C65-4E38-8C0E-3AB490A2C078.jpeg
    These guys have kinda exploded in size and are still amazing eaters, figured some updates photos were overdue!
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  20. Arthroverts

    Arthroverts Arachnolord Active Member

    If only they weren't so 'spensive. Keep it up @Sarkhan42! I'm hoping they continue to do well for you; it's obvious by the above posts we need more of these in the hobby :D.

    Thanks for sharing,