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b.vagans or b.boehmei???

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by xjak3yx, Dec 27, 2010.

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    not sure which one to choose to buy .. ive been weighing out the options on colouration, temperment and conditions to keep..
    i like the colours of both Ts but the bohemi just tops it, ive read that vagans can be a little bit more skittish
    any help guys?
  2. ChrisNE

    ChrisNE Arachnopeon

    Bohemi is a better looker. Vagans grow faster if you're looking at getting a sling or juvie and grow bigger. They're also cheaper. Wouldn't say they're more skittish imo. They're both nice species but if you're going for an AF then i'd go for a Bohemi if you're willing to pay the extra £30-£50. {D
  3. bobusboy

    bobusboy Arachnoknight

    I've got a 5.5" female B. bohemei and I wouldn't say she's skittish but defensive hair flicker and mine stridulates which apparently is very uncommon.
  4. Chris_Skeleton

    Chris_Skeleton Arachnoprince

    It's Brachypelma boehmei guys ;)

    And I think they look better than vagans. Haven't had either of them though.
  5. My B.smithi stridulates too.She isnt agressive but if I touch her and she scurries away she will do it while running.I'd go B.boehmei.
  6. bobusboy

    bobusboy Arachnoknight

    Lol my girlfriend is currently caring for my Ts as I am out of town she called me crying when my B. boehmei wouldn't move out of it's water dish for her to fill it and it kept hissing at her when she poked / blew on it lol.

    They're both great IMO, my B. smithi is still a baby so I can't comment on that one.
  7. thanks very much for the advice guys! ive herd or hair flicking, not stridulate?!.. just looks like il have to wait for a boehmei to come back in stock :8o il definately go for a juvie, my smithi is such a slow grower and i need a larger spider to scare off the sister :D
  8. KoriTamashii

    KoriTamashii Arachnobaron

    Stridulating is when a T rubs some of the hairs near its chelicerae together and produces a hissing sound (as I understand it, correct me if I'm wrong).

    Here's a pretty good example :)

  9. bobusboy

    bobusboy Arachnoknight

    +1, this is what mine does. I tried to get it on cam before but my digital camera is not good enough to catch how quickly they rub, and it has no sound I later found out.

    They do it quite forcefully from the look of it, its pretty cool.
  10. TalonAWD

    TalonAWD Arachnoprince

    Yep thats my girl. She is full of attitude as this species is known for. The B. boehmei makes the same sound in line with its hair flicking (Every boehmei I have ever owned did this). So everytime it flicks its hairs, it will rub its palps and chelicerae making the sound.
    I vote get the B. boehmei.
  11. Kuro

    Kuro Arachnosquire

    my boehmei is really skittish and likes to flick hairs and my vagans is a little hellion that attacks any and everything that enters his enclosure but i love him for it.

    their bothe great looking T's but if i were to get another of either i'd probably get a vagans as i like my vagans fiesty temperament and i love their classic beauty...simply colored but very goregous
  12. wow really cool vid i didnt know they could do that !
  13. i have both as well as a B. smithi all around the same size, and my boehmei hands down of the three has the best temperment, although was a very nervous hair kicker up until last moult. the smithi and the vagans have yet to curb the kicking when i so much as look at them sideways during maintenence, with the added bonus of quite the defensive 'tude in the case of the vagans who has put up some impressive threats and slaps at the tongs.

    my individual experiences aside, all can have a tendancy to kick (with the boehemi being most known for having a propensity for doing it out of the three), and all can itch horribly if you have a u-hair sensitivity. the boehmei will most likely run you the most, but is the best looking, imo. as others have stated, however, the vagans has the advantage of being substancially cheaper and grows faster.
  14. Blurboy

    Blurboy Arachnopeon

    My bohmei is called "Flick" for very good reasons, it flicks at the sight of it's own shadow. Lovely looking T though and a nice addition to anyones collection :}
  15. KoriTamashii

    KoriTamashii Arachnobaron

    Oh good, I was hoping you'd like that I posted your vid :p
  16. CAK

    CAK Arachnobaron

    The boehmei I had didn't stridulate, at least I couldn't hear it over its insane hair flicking that was louder than a Huey in Vietnam. :D
  17. i have a 4" B. Boehmei and really happy with it, a hair flicker and the colors are just gorgeous. fresh out of molt...
  18. TalonAWD

    TalonAWD Arachnoprince

    When she flicks try to get a look at its pedipalps. If its moving really fast, than thats where the noise comes from. Since its at the same exact time they flick, it looks as if the flicking of the rear legs is making the sound.
    Thats what I have noticed in the 6 boes I have owned including a Mature male. Not to say that there are no boe's that don't stridulate when flicking. Just stating my experience and adding to the info I previously stated.:)
  19. i just ordered a boehmei and an albopilosa, hopefully they should come tomorrow... just hoping i wont get covered in hairs when transferring to new enclosures!