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B. vagans female drumming/mating

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by charm271, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. charm271

    charm271 Arachnosquire

    My female B. vagans female recently molted and now is about 4 inches. I recently noticed her drumming on her cage that is right next to the cage of a mature male. As I believe the mature male does not have more than a year left in his life, I decide to stick them hoping they would mate. They did lock together a few times before I moved them back to their seperate cages (the female seemed to be getting angry by the end). I can not find much information on B. vagans female maturation and/or B. vagans breeding. I would not mind a few slings before the male reaches the end of his life. Should I keep trying to pair them or should I not bother.
  2. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member

  3. Prometheus

    Prometheus Arachnoknight

    Did he get an insertion? I find as an indication with mating with smaller females is the fact that if she does the "dance with no pants" with him is an indication that they are sexually mature. Getting "angry" with him is normal IMO because females of this species don't take kindly to the males. Was there drumming during the mating or was it more like they locked up not trying to get ate? Watch a few vids on normal mating with this species and see if your attempt looked about the same. Hope this helps :)
  4. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking Active Member

    ya already attempted to pair... give them a break and try again is what i would do... she IS on the small side, but it is worth a shot... let her rest up then re-introduce him... if she IS indeed able to breed youll find out.

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    wow.. just read the BP and discovered they can produce an AMAZING amount of slings... over 900? dang.. YOUR t might not produce that many, seeing how she is small, but can def. produce... read ice cold milk's breeding report in the link zonbonzovi posted