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Avicularia purpurea

Discussion in 'Bite Reports' started by nemesis6sic6, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. nemesis6sic6

    nemesis6sic6 Arachnoangel Old Timer

    YES!!!!! my first bite. I don't know why i sound so exited, but heres what happened:

    Two days ago (sep. 17 '03) I was bit by my little 1/2-3/4", baby Avic. purpurea. It was a dark and stormy night(not really, here in cali, we haven't seen any rain lately) I was doing some maitanence because he had just eaten. He then decided to wonder my body. He was so glad to be out side his little container I guess. He was moslty around my hand exploring. Suddenly he stoped on my index finger of my right hand. That's when I tried to get him back into his vial, he didn't move, he seamed stuck to my skin. I didn't know he bit me that very same moment, until I figured later on. He claimed back into his home, and all was happy. I then was calm and went to do my normal things that I do every night before sleeping. THAT'S when I felt it. I tried to bend my finger, but it felt HOT! felt paralized and stingy. Yes it is like needles poking you, yet not so sever that they are piercing your skin. I couldn't bend my finger because it felt weird. Moments later, there was a big red mark around what I belive to be the bitten area. I tought it was a funny feeling rather than a painful one, so I alerted my family. They said I was dumb :(. The affects lasted for about 15 - 30 minutes. Before i went to sleep there was this arthritis feeling around my finger, but nothing painful, just like....um...a tickling feeling. Next day, all symphtoms had dissapeared. Venom was injected I belive, really cool experience. I was expecting to get bit by something else, but A. purpurea suprised me. I guess it just liked how I tasted =D

    any ways have a nice day