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Attn: Is It Ok To Feed...?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Drachenjager, Aug 31, 2008.

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    OK, hope this got your attention.
    Anyway, there seems to be a rash of "Is it ok to feed (insert various wild caught things here) to my T?" threads recently
    I decided to post this one.

    I will answer all these Type questions here.
    do not feed wild caught ANYTHING to your T.
    Its too risky. period.
    Sure the ones in the wild will eat that big fat juicy grasshopper in your yard but then again most of the Ts in the wild DIE earlier than they would if there were not parasites and pesticides in the world.
    You really don't know if that bug came from a toxic environment or not, or if it has a parasite that will harm your T or not.
    So just don't.
  2. Steven Valys

    Steven Valys Arachnobaron

    Thank You. I hope your post doesn't go unnoticed.
  3. crpy

    crpy Arachnoking

    You know this is gonna be "controversial" Dragon fighter dude:D
  4. Krazy Kat

    Krazy Kat Arachnoknight

    No wild caught feeders for your inverts.You post this today and there will four questions on the same subject on Monday.I think some people ask questions that they already know the answer to just to have a reason to start a thread.That's just my opinion..
  5. Kid Dragon

    Kid Dragon Arachnoprince Old Timer

    That's right, I'm bad...

    Its probably good advice not to feed wild caught and much better husbandry, but I feed wild caught anoles to my Ts and wild caught snakes to my cribo, and so far I've been lucky. It is probably not a good practice, but neither is jay walking, and I do that too. ;) kd
  6. clam1991

    clam1991 Arachnoangel

    i wild feed my ts sometimes and no probs yet

    i think you should say just do it at your own risk
    cuz if my ts die or get a parasite its my problem and im not going to blame it on anyone on here
  7. actually what it is is you not giving a darn about the animals you chose to care for. What if you feed your dog toads or dart frogs , just because you can?

    however, i have also fed WC feeders to some of my critters that were WC in the same area. untill i got them established and eating the ones i raised.

    The point is giving advice other than NO is not responsible.
  8. clam1991

    clam1991 Arachnoangel

    im not saying to say its ok
    but its still up to them whether they take your advice or not
    and i dont feed my dogs wild caught stuff but i bet they catch it on their own
    i mean you can try and tell everyone not to but some people just do it cuz its how they are
  9. bigdog999

    bigdog999 Arachnoknight

    I agree. I live in the city and know that anything WC may have been exposed to dangerous stuff. I caught wild mice in the basement this winter, but my snakes were not fed them for the same reason. It's not worth the risk.
  10. varucu

    varucu Arachnosquire

    it's just common sense ;)
  11. SNAFU

    SNAFU Arachnobaron

    I agree Drach. In my area there is a lot of farming so that big fat Katydid on the window screen may seem like a good snack for my one of my T's, but I don't know what it has been feeding on.
    Then again, I have given my blondi a green anole I caught on the side of my house, ONCE. I don't make a habit of it as has been said, too risky.
  12. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Not to be a pain or a jerk or whatever you want to call me, but you've only been a member for a month, clam. Drach has been here longer than me, and most if not all of us "experienced" (I would peg that term at around 5 years or more in the hobby) would say don't do it.

    You've been here a month and you're saying it's ok.

    Take it from experience, mmmk? But please don't post stuff like "I'm doing it" because your inexperience is going to rub off on all the other new folks here who actually do care about their animals.

    I'm blunt. Sorry.
  13. Hamburglar

    Hamburglar Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Good gravy... I cant imagine why I would want to go through the effort to "catch" something to feed my T's. It's about all the effort I can stand to open my roach bin and dig out the appropriate size. I would much rather take a casual stroll through my living room than tromp through the poison ivy invested jungles of Oklahoma...... in about 1,000,000% humidity I might add..

    Oh, the inevitability of youth.... :)
  14. dianedfisher

    dianedfisher Arachnobaron

    I sure hope there is someone out in the wild monitoring the wild insect population and putting little "do not eat me" stickers on the suspect prey so the herp and inverterbrate populations can figure out what to avoid. Di
  15. Tuwin

    Tuwin Arachnoknight

    The point is understanding the risk...i think it's very clear. Now rather people want to do it or not is up to them. You can't tell someone not to do it all you can do is inform them...job well done.
  16. Digby Rigby

    Digby Rigby Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Feeding wild caught prey

    If you could ascertain that the wild caught items do not have pathogens or toxins or poisons that could be passed on to your animals then it could be okay, many chameleon keepers use "field sweepings" from areas that are away from pollutants and chemicals with no problems, however there is less chance of passing pathogens from invertebrates to reptiles than from invertebrate to invertebrate. If you feel you would like to use wild caught you would be better served catching the items from the wild and breeding them in captivity, then using the captive bred items as food and future breeders. Remember all feeder stock and pet stock originated from wild caught at some point. Captive bred katydids and grasshoppers make wonderful feeders.

    Digby Rigby