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Arboreal housing - 3x legspan too small?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Mindibun, May 19, 2014.

  1. Mindibun

    Mindibun Arachnosquire

    So the normal rule of thumb with Ts is three times the leg span. But I have two A metallica that are in houses roughly 3x their legspan and they use every BIT of that space in their wanderings and I'm wondering if maybe I shouldn't move them into something larger. They are currently in kritter keepers with cork bark rounds for a hide and anchor pieces. They also have one inch of ecoearth substrate and fake ferns for decor and webbing anchor points. The entire enclosure has been webbed, though not extensively the way a GBB would web, and I see them move from one end of the tank to the other throughout the course of the day. Now, my terrestrials are content to sit in one spot and build a burrow and never move, but these guys seem to enjoy "exploring" and have made the entire enclosure their own. So I'm wondering if they wouldn't enjoy a bit more space. When it comes to feeding, I hand-feed with tongs so finding food is never an issue. They both have water bowls so they're not searching for water, and they don't move as if they are stressed. They take a full day to make the rounds of the whole enclosure. They seem to genuinely enjoy being able to move around. For this reason, I think they would make use of a larger cage and I would like to know what everyone else keeps their avics in and how active they seem to be. Should I move them to larger homes? Opinions?

    BTW- these guys are for sale if anyone is interested. I've posted them in the FS section and not gotten any takers so I'd planned on breeding them myself (it's a pair, but the male is not mature yet). I have other projects going on and don't particularly want Avics right now, but I'll breed them if no one else is going to take advantage of the pair. If interested, send me a PM. I'm open to just about anything.
  2. I have my adult a. Metallic in a ten gallon tank standing up. And it's way over kill for it. Mine never comes outta it's cork hide and has hardly any webbing at all. The only time I catch a look is at feeding or if it comes out for a drink.
    It sounds like yours are happy in there homes to me.