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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by maxident213, May 7, 2009.

  1. maxident213

    maxident213 Arachnolord Old Timer

    This review is for the username aracnophiliac, not to be confused with Arachnophiliacs (Mads) from Alberta.

    I recently got to hang out with Danielle & James at their home, and check out their collection. All of their animals look very healthy & well cared for, they are cool people who are passionate about the hobby. I picked up a great little python from them as well as a Holothele sling and would not hesitate to deal with them again.

    Good people, thumbs up.
  2. maxident213

    maxident213 Arachnolord Old Timer

    Just did a swap with Danielle, everything went well and she included a nice freebie. Packaging was bomb-proof and shipping was overnight. Good stuff, thanks Danielle. :)
  3. good stuff

    I was happy to win a free sling from Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks (aracnophiliac) and was very impressed by the great packaging and on time delivery.
    A good packing job makes all the difference and a aracnophiliacs's packaging was perfect.
    I look forward to more dealings with the Spider Freaks in the future.
  4. ShadowOde

    ShadowOde Arachnopeon

    Just awesome!

    I had the pleasure of ordering a G. pulchra from Danielle and was surprised with a wonderful freebie as well. They were in great condition and the package she shipped them in was excellent and well insulated, especially since we are now starting to experience snow again. She was very helpful and knowledgable and just great to work with overall. Will definitely a repeat customer in the future.
  5. Lorgakor

    Lorgakor Arachnomom Old Timer

    Just received an A. moderatum sling from Danielle. It was nicely packed and there was a nice freebie as well. Would definitely order from Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks again.
  6. Sathane

    Sathane Arachnoking

    Very Positive

    A very long overdue review...

    I've received a few tarantulas from Danielle (A. moderatum and B. auratum) and both arrived in perfect condition. Communication and packaging were top notch.

    I would not hesitate to do business with Danielle again.
  7. njohn

    njohn Arachnopeon

    Nothing but the best to say of Danielle (aracnophiliac) at Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks. Purchased five tarantulas from her and received a couple nice freebies, all were in great shape and packaged well when arrived. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again and can't wait till I get to order more:) .
  8. Great packaging, excellent communication, delivered when promised...overall a great transaction!!!
    Thanks spiderfreaks!!
  9. An overdue review: Bought a bunch of spiders off Danielle about a month ago, and I could not have been more pleased with the size, quality, and price, and her customer service was fantastic...I will definitely be buying many more off her in future.
  10. Croaton

    Croaton Arachnosquire

    :cool: I had the pleasure of doing business with Danielle and James last night when I made the 2.5 hour drive from Cranbrook to Golden, BC.

    I had previously called Danielle and let her know that I was interested in finding a B. smithi sling and she luckily had 1 left! I told her I would take it and that I wanted to come pick it up. She let me know that I was welcome anytime that was good for me and that when I arrived I was welcome to have dinner with her and James and could even stay the night in their spare bedroom if it would make things easier for me. All I can say is wow! That is great service! :)

    When I arrived they took me on a tour of their home filled with awesome looking terrariums with all kinds of different species of spiders, scorpions, snakes, and lizards! It was very impressive! Danielle brought out the little B. smithi sling who looked very happy and healthy in his enclosure :) They went over basic care with me and some of the things I could expect as a new T owner. After chatting for a while and it was time for me to head out... I paid them and Danielle brought out an extra surprise for me. A freebie B. vagans sling! She even lent me a copy of the Tarantula keepers guide!

    I would highly recommend Danielle and James at Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks to anyone interested in this hobby! You guys were great and I can't thank you enough! :clap: :D