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anyone ever used goo gone?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by somethingbig, Dec 3, 2008.

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    if i used goo gone to take the label off of a plastic jar, in what manner should i clean off any residue? how long should i wait, or what should i do to make it ready to house a sling?
  2. betuana

    betuana Arachnobaron

    I've used it a few times, then followed with plain dish soap (dawn or the like), and then rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed, until I couldn't smell the goo gone or soap anymore at all. Then I rinsed a couple more times just to be sure. Let it dry, smelled it for any hint, washed with soap and rinsed many more times again...

    I don't seem to have had any problems with my Ts that are in the enclosures I used it on. But I'd definitely make sure to rinse it ALOT, until there is no hint of it left when you smell it. I'm not sure if it would hurt them, but best not to risk it - I know some types of citrus are pesticidal, and goo gone has that citrus smell...

    I can use it and have it ready within a short time if I just keep at it. Just make sure there is no smell left and you've thoroughly washed it, and IME you should be OK.
  3. kupo969

    kupo969 Arachnoangel

    It has this lime/lemon smell, it's great. I personally would rinse it out until it's gone.
  4. thanks! that sounds good to me. i was reading the old threads on it, but there wasn't really anyone that had experience using it. i'm glad to hear that it has been done successfully!

    Betuana have you ever used it for containers that housed slings? how long have you had Ts living in the goo gone-ed containers?
  5. betuana

    betuana Arachnobaron

    I've actually only needed to use it on my sling containers - my a. versis and P. rufilata actually, because I use acylic craft cubes that come with price stickers on them, and I like to use the cubes for the arboreals upsidedown to be able to open from the bottom, which put the stickers dead center on the top of my enclosure. Looked pretty tacky.

    I got my 3 A. versis as 1/2 inch slings in June, all 3 have molted twice and are now 1 inch or slightly bigger, eat well, and are very healthy looking and in behavior, and have been rehoused once to a bigger enclosure (also goo goned). The Rufilata is about 2 inches and I got it in September, and it has been doing great, eats well, made a fun tunnel web along the bottom and up the side, etc. So I'd say the slings I've housed in containers I've used it on seem to be doing quite well at this point. I haven't lost any of the Ts that I've housed in cages cleaned with it at this point.

    Again, I'd just make sure its all cleaned off completely before you put the Ts in, and that there is no residual odor from it. But IME, as long as you are careful that its completely cleaned off it shouldn't cause any problems.