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Any tarantula species surviving in collections?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Snipes, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Snipes

    Snipes Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Are they any tarantulas that are extinct from the wild, but arent extinct because people have them in their collections?
  2. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Ministry of Fluffy Bunnies Old Timer

    Espcially with T's I'd think that that is very hard to know. Thinking of how little funding any T research receives and that it seems that only a hand full of people are out in the wild studying those animals in their natural habitat, thus numbers of T's in the wild should be pretty hard to estimate.

    I would guess that the T's that """need""" to be WC in order to end up in shops are down a bit, but by how much...? :?
  3. spid142

    spid142 Arachnobaron

    maybe not yet, but unless rainforest etc is preserved, T species will dwindle in the wild. Thanks to hobbyists like us, Ts have a chance to survive.
  4. Merfolk

    Merfolk Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I read in many places that h lividum is rarely seen in the wild.

    I also read that all domestic hamsters on Earth descend from the same female captured in the Sinai desert in early 20th century, and I have seen nothing documenting the wild behavior of these creatures. Must be the same for many, many animals!!! Only the domestic version seems to prevail.
  5. Bedlam

    Bedlam Arachnobaron

    Lividum probably isn't seen much because they're always underground.

  6. A lot of that is true because the domestic version never existed in the wild. Dogs and cats being the prime example. Of course they've got a couple thousand more years of domestication, but the theory is sound.:D
  7. Redip Spider

    Redip Spider Arachnosquire Old Timer

    From what I hear they're also rarely seen in captivity.
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  8. sick4x4

    sick4x4 Arachnoprince

    h lividums are around more then you think and have become kinda common in collections..and are usually available thru online sites and thru people that breed them..i got my 1st h lividum at pet-co..so who really knows..in the wild they are usually underground soo seeing them out and about is kinda rare??if you own one, you know what i am saying...pet hole....soo im not sure where you read that..but i hope this helped
  9. IguanaMama

    IguanaMama Arachnoangel Old Timer

    @sick4x4 he was making a joke!!!!!!{D {D {D
  10. spid142

    spid142 Arachnobaron

    Haha, yes. should have had a big grin thingy :D
  11. sick4x4

    sick4x4 Arachnoprince

    i thought so but since there wasnt a happy face who knows.....lol:confused:
  12. syndicate

    syndicate Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    due to deforestion in india u might see alot of the poecs be wiped out in the next 10 years
  13. Snipes

    Snipes Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Yeah i was thinking more of Poec species. I had thought many species were facing extinction
  14. Steve Nunn

    Steve Nunn Arachnoprince Old Timer

    No, not a single case of that scenario ;)

    There is a lot of talk about serious concerns for the future in natural environments, but we aren't there just yet, definately getting there, just not yet, that we know of......

    There are cases of some species that have made it to captivity, were found in small numbers and since have not been relocated.