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any sellers in Va?

Discussion in 'Seller/Buyer/Shop Inquiries/Warnings' started by Potatoemoe, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Potatoemoe

    Potatoemoe Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I have been wondering if there is any good T dealers in the central Va. area. There's a pet store here that sells a few different species but nothing special. I wanted a more specialized dealer. Even near the Va NC boarder would be bad. And also does anyone know of any shows coming up in the Va area sometime soon.
  2. Wade

    Wade Arachnoking Old Timer

    I'm not aware of any specialized dealers in central VA. As far as I know, the best tarantula selection in central VA is at Fin and Feather on Lakeside Drive in Richmond, but they don't have a huge selection, just better than others in the area. Waaaay on the southside of Richmond there was a store called Off the Ark Exotics that had a lot of stuff, but I'm not sure if they're still in business. Jungle Pets in Va Beach supposedly have a lot of stuff, but I've never been there.

    There's a reptile show at the Holiday Inn Select on Koger blvd. on October 30. There should be a few inverts there, but no major invert dealers have been there in the past. I'll have a table there with a few things.

  3. Potatoemoe

    Potatoemoe Arachnosquire Old Timer

    wow I used to live in Midlothian, Va right outside of Richmond on Southside. I might attend the show thats like 5 mi. from where I used to live. I now live in Lynchburg but still have family in Rochmond so I'm there quite often. Will you Pm me with what you might be bringing.
  4. siras78

    siras78 Arachnopeon

    I've hit all the stores in the Charlottesville area and I wasn't very impressed. They always seem to have roses and pinktoes. I went up to winchester today and found a place with about 5 or 6 different varieties. (not sure exactly because they weren't all marked) I managed to pick up a rather fiesty cobalt blue from them, seems to be in good shape so far!
  5. Potatoemoe

    Potatoemoe Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I went to my local pet shop today to pick up a 4" B. smithi that they had for $40, but they had sold it since last week, oh well. But they had lots of new species.

    H. lividum $89
    2 G. rosea $14
    2 pinktoes $29

    These I'm not sure about because they gave common names and couldn't be seen at the time.

    Fort hall Baboon $12
    Sunburst or starburst baboon( can't remember the name or price)
    Asian bird eater
    king baboon.

    I almost picked up another G. rosea on was about 4" and looked to be female.
  6. siras78

    siras78 Arachnopeon


    What pet shop is that? Is it in lynchburg? That's a better selection than the rest I've visited in VA.
  7. Potatoemoe

    Potatoemoe Arachnosquire Old Timer

    yes I have been actually very impressed with their selection. Its called Pet and Aquatic warehouse, its one Wards rd. across from the Kmart if your ever in town. I have bought 2 from them a Rosie and a P. lugardi, the Rosie has a heathy appetite and but the Fort Hall Baboon has yet to eat got him a week ago but was freshly molted. I was pretty mad about that since they pulled it out without its exoskeleton harding yet, but he seems to be doing fairly well just hasn't eaten yet. There new list is:

    b. smithi - $55
    Brazilian blood leg - ?
    asian bird eater - $30
    Colbalt Blue- $52
    Rosies -13
    Pink toes - 29
    OBT- 20
    Stripped leg baboon -30

    Its seems everytime I buy one they get new species But they also have one of the best if not the best aquatic selections in Va. if you like keeping fish.

    And I found out this weekend that its illegal to sell T's or scorps in Chesterfield county, which is actually what that expo will be in. But I believe they can be sold there, a local pet shop told me this weekend that it was illegal and one pet store on southside got closed down do to this.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2005
  8. LHP

    LHP Arachnosquire Old Timer

    The show does allow tarantula sales, but it's true that it's actually illegal to own t's, scorps or anything else venomous in Chesterfield county. Not sure how the show gets around it, but the promoters are aware of it and say it's legit. The loophole may be that neither the buyers nor the sellers can be residents of Chesterfield.

    I have a guess as to what store was shut down, and if I'm right, they were guilty of A LOT more than selling tarantulas and scorpions. They had venomous snakes (illegal in Chesterfield), crocodillians (illegal in Virginia), and native VA species (very, very illegal in VA).



    Oops, I accidently posted before I realized I wasn't logged in. I share this computer with LHP.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2005
  9. Potatoemoe

    Potatoemoe Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Yes you are correct in your thinking about which store, but is it actually illefal to own. Cause one other pet store was telling me that you can own them you just can't sell them. I don't see how they can tell you you can;t own a T or scorp. Very odd I'm just glad that its not that way here in Lynchburg. Whar about the surrounding Richmond area is it illegal there as well or just in Chesterfield?
  10. Wade

    Wade Arachnoking Old Timer

    It's just Chesterfield, no such regs in Richmond, Henrico etc. There are other localities in VA that have such regulations though, such as Fairfax county and Manassass.

    I'm pretty sure that it's actually illegal to own them, but there's absolutely no way they'd be able to enforce that. What would they do, door to door tarantula searches?

  11. Potatoemoe

    Potatoemoe Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I think I'm going to the show this weekend can anyone tell me what time it runs from.
  12. Wade

    Wade Arachnoking Old Timer

    I posted a link in the arachnofuctions forum

  13. Daniel Edwards

    Daniel Edwards Arachnosquire Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words Wade! I stocked the best and most affordable I could with my limited resources! Gone is the past... I miss the old days!
  14. Mike B

    Mike B Arachnopeon

    Fear not tarantulas is in Virginia beach, at a place called Virginia Beach Exotics.