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Any New Additions?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Venom1080, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Got my first on easter! 2.5" A. avic.
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  2. louise f

    louise f Arachnoangel

    A friend gave me some free T`s last week because he didn`t had the time or room anymore. This is what i got

    0.1 P.ornata
    0.1 P.cambridgei
    0.1 P.vittata
    0.1 B.vagans
    0.0.1 P.cambridgei

    And he also gave me 2 scorps a Heterometrus spinnifer and a flat rock scorpion.. :happy:

    Yesterday another friend came with some new roaches for me.
    Some species i never heard of before:D

    Peppered roaches and glowspot roaches. He said that the pepper roaches are getting pretty big so I`m exited to see when they get adult.
    Besides from those he also gave me some dead head roaches. :happy:

    That has been some awesome days. :D:happy:
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  3. ledzeppelin

    ledzeppelin Arachnobaron

    I have a reservation for the following:

    0.0.1 Avicularia aurantiaca
    0.0.1 Brachypelma boehmei
    0.0.1 Brachypelma emilia
    0.0.1 Ceratogyrus marshalli
    0.0.1 Cyriopagopus sp. "hatihati"
    0.0.1 Heteroscodra maculata
    0.0.1 Lasiodora klugi
    0.0.1 Poecilotheria rufilata
    0.0.1 Pterinochilus murinus "RCF"
    0.1 Lampropelma sp. „Borneo Black”

    Christmas time in my house :3
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  4. boina

    boina Arachnoprince Arachnosupporter

    The shipping of my new P. ornata and E. olivacea has been delayed due to cold weather :arghh::arghh::arghh:. Hopefully next week. Come on sun, get out, you can do it...:shifty:
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  5. Wiscokid

    Wiscokid Arachnopeon

    getting 3 +1inch slings in the morning .. yay!!!
    P. platyomma
    H. himalayana
    C. kaeng krachan
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  6. spotropaicsav

    spotropaicsav Arachnobaron Active Member

    Sounds like you have some nice friends! Enjoy
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  7. Wiscokid

    Wiscokid Arachnopeon

    ^^^that's what I was thinking ... I want some friends like that !
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  8. MetalMan2004

    MetalMan2004 Arachnobaron Active Member

    I got one gbb, then I got 6 more. They're addicting and cool :)
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  9. louise f

    louise f Arachnoangel

    That i do. The best friends. :kiss: thank you:)
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  10. Lucashank

    Lucashank Arachnosquire

    Just came in this morning.

    Theraphosa stirmi


    Megaphobema robustum
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  11. Arachnophoric

    Arachnophoric Arachnoknight Active Member

    Had my Megaphobema robustum and Monocentropus balfouri show up last week, and have plans on ordering 1.1 P. muticus, 0.1 C. andersoni, 0.1 C. dyscolus, 0.1 N. incei, and an unsexed juvie P. regalis (my first pokie!) within the next few days :D
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  12. Tulip28

    Tulip28 Arachnopeon

    Recently received my first larger, more "intermediate" species, a female ~3.5" A. seemani. ^_^

    She seems to be taking to the burrow I started in the corner of her enclosure and has been working on making it to her liking.
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  13. Stormsky

    Stormsky Arachnopeon

    Got some tarantulas today that I've been hoping to get for a while now!
    Juvenile female Euathlus sp. red DSC01138.JPG
    I couldn't resist holding this one... DSC01135.JPG
    Extremely tiny baby Euathlus sp. red Se0OoxC.jpg
    Cyriocosmus elegans sling scnFFCm.jpg
    And lastly a Caribena Versicolor sling FA6Xyg3.jpg
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  14. ThisMeansWAR

    ThisMeansWAR Arachnosquire


    Twenty new arrivals from spidersworld.eu on Wednesday!

    0.0.2 P. irminia
    0.0.2 N. incei
    0.0.2 N. incei "Gold"
    0.0.2 A. musculosa
    0.0.2 D. pentaloris
    0.0.2 B. boehmei
    0.0.2 B. emilia
    0.0.1 E. cyanogonathus
    0.0.1 E. rufescens
    0.0.1 M. balfouri
    0.0.1 A. seemanni BCF
    0.0.1 C. elegans
    0.0.1 H. colombia
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  15. crone

    crone Arachnoangel Active Member

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  16. I'll play:

    0.0.4 Acanthoscurria sp. Maldonadoensis
    0.0.2 Caribeena versicolor
    0.0.3 Crypsidromus sp. 'Costa Rica'
    0.0.1 Davus pentaloris
    0.0.4 Euathlus sp. 'Yellow'
    0.0.1 Ephebopus cyanognathus
    0.0.1 Ephebopus murinus
    0.0.1 Grammostola grossa
    0.0.3 Sericopelma sp. 'Azuero' #1
    0.0.2 Sphaerobothria hoffmanni

    Hoping to add some more soon!
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  17. Lucashank

    Lucashank Arachnosquire

    Dang!!! 22 new tarantulas! Congratulations, man. Let's hope for some pictures of those new additions :greedy::angelic:
  18. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    This month I've added:

    0.0.1 Davus pentaloris
    0.0.1 Brachypelma vagans
    1.0 Brachypelma boehmei (my latest addition obtained this afternoon, have its last molt so I will try sexing it this later today. EDIT: sexed as male...)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2017
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  19. Magenta

    Magenta Arachnosquire

    I picked up a C. versicolor today at the local reptile show.
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  20. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire Arachnosupporter

    0.0.1 Cyriocosmus Bertae ... This one was my birthday gift :angelic:

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