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Another Hadrurus Arizonensis Molting Thread!

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by RMJ, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. RMJ

    RMJ Arachnosquire

    So I acquired this guy many months ago and hes been great, however hes always been quite fat! and looking even more so recently.

    I am concerned that he is in pre-molt or is trying to start the process, can anyone share their thoughts & opinions on this? Is now a time I should change the substrate or put him somewhere else with more moisture etc?

    Here's some pics of him, recently he has been out 'basking' and literally angling himself one side at a time or bum in the air to almost 'dry-out' underneath the IR heat lamp.

    in the day you can see through his sides and actually see the new exoskeleton underneath his current. its amazing to see but worrying as id like to give this guy a chance to survive a molt! he looks like hes about to pop recently!

    Apologies for the pic quality, I hope you can all see what I mean...

    IMG_0328.PNG IMG_3691.JPG IMG_3693.JPG IMG_3699.JPG
    Thanks in advance!!!
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  2. RMJ

    RMJ Arachnosquire

    Oh and heres some pics IMG_3702.JPG IMG_3703.JPG IMG_3704.JPG IMG_3705.JPG IMG_3707.JPG IMG_3708.JPG IMG_3709.JPG of his habitat, it has a substrate mix of clay and sand holding burrows very well. No false bottoms or humidity gradient though....

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  3. darkness975

    darkness975 dream reaper Arachnosupporter

    Your set up makes my Kritter Keepers look like garbage :(

    How big is your specimen? I cannot say for sure but to me it looks "well fed."

    My adults get noticeably fatter if I feed them too much but my sub adult has been constantly on the larger side for a year or so now. I know the sub adult is due for a molt but it refuses.

    In the past when my specimens enter diapause for the winter my sub adult went for months without food. He slimmed down considerably. Therefore it shows it really could be either one but your specimen does not look TOO oversized based on the pictures you posted.

    I'll send you some pictures of my specimens if you want PM me if you're interested.
  4. shining

    shining Arachnodemon

    I always laugh when I catch scorps stilting. It's a funny sight, like when a dog drags his tush on someone else's carpet.

    I wouldn't recommend moving him as that could cause extra stress. Maybe keep a larger water dish filled, add some moist moss and lay off of the lamp as they dry the air out.

    I've never kept a H. arizonensis but I've read about their molting issues. It amazed me that is a problem with them as I find them full grown in the driest of conditions when hiking/blacklight hunting. Then again, I'm sure these wild specimens dig deep down into the moist earth come molting time. *shrugs*
  5. RMJ

    RMJ Arachnosquire

    Im taking the plunge with a large enclosure project, will start a thread so can take constructive comments/suggestions and of course flaming :)

    My plan is to go for 10" of substrate with a humidity gradient, this way the scorpions will have more floor space and 5+ times more depth for burrows. I would love to have a set up that they can molt in successfully.
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  6. Scorpion Luke

    Scorpion Luke Arachnopeon

    Mine was fat like that for a while maybe 6 months I added a small water dish about an inch and a half long and wide. He ended up molting a week later.
  7. RMJ

    RMJ Arachnosquire

    Thanks @Scorpion Luke , did you have any heat source in there too? Did the scorpion molt in its burrow or out in the open?
  8. Scorpion Luke

    Scorpion Luke Arachnopeon

    No problem! I had a heat pad on the side of the cage only an inch or two actually Below the sand the rest was above ground. It did molt in its burrow. It even lived with the molt in It's burrow for around a month and a half before breaking it up into many smaller pieces and dragging it out.
  9. RMJ

    RMJ Arachnosquire

    Thank you!, I guess you had the mat on a stat? what temp did you have it at? probe set inside? The new Tank is built and I will put up some pics soon! Needs background doing and then I can start the false-floor/substrate