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Allergic reaction, T's, and parents

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Arachnopuppy, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. Arachnopuppy

    Arachnopuppy Arachnodemon

    I had a severe case of allergic reaction to something about 2 weeks ago. You know... one of those reactions where you puff up like a balloon and hives and rashes appear everywhere on your body...oh, and your eyes go blurry. Anyhow, since at the time we didn't know what I was allergic to, my parents were quick to blame the tarantulas. Again, you know when people don't like something then they always blame it when something happens. My parents were so sure of themselves that they were convinced that I didn't have to go to the doctor and just get rid of the t's right away would be good enough. After an emotional and itchy week with blurry eyes, my doctor was able to confirm that it was NOT the t's. My doctor, God bless her, offered to talk to my parents to tell them for herself that the tarantulas were not responsible for my suffering. All is well now. Well.... at least I think all is well. I'm pretty sure my parents will try to find some other excuse to get rid of my T's.
  2. THAT SUCKS !!

    THAT SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UM, how old are you ? Damn, I hope U dont have to get rid of them, how many u got ???:(
  3. savian

    savian Arachnoknight

    Hope everything works out for you. Are you feeling any better? I can say that one of my T's due give me a very bad reaction but I don't know which one yet. I due my cleaning and next thing I am scrathing and swelling up in spots that are red bumbs. I don't have what you have but I can understand. Sorry your parents feel that way. Give it time and maybe they won't be so quick to blame the T's next time.:D ;) :)
  4. Arachnopuppy

    Arachnopuppy Arachnodemon

    I have about 20-25, I think. I think I will count them tomorrow. Most of them are slings. Oh, here is a little secret I have. My mom forbid me to buy anymore for now. As soon as I move to campus, I will get more:D . Since I already have over 20 of them, noone will notice the difference.=D