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Albino Rosy boa

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by Ms.X, Feb 18, 2010.

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    So I went a little photo-crazy, but she is my very first snake :D We're still in the honeymoon phase :cool:
    Anyone else out there who is keeping these guys, please feel free to jump in with advice/tips on these guys. I've done a lot of research, and the guy I got this girl from keeps them, but more info never hurts!
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  2. Shell

    Shell ArachnoVixen AKA Dream Crusher AKA Heartbreaker

    Congrats, she's very pretty :)

    Snakes are very addicting, be warned ;)
  3. redrumpslump

    redrumpslump Arachnobaron Arachnosupporter

    Man I love the rosey boas but the one draw back IMO is that they stay buried most of the time. Ive been flip flopping on to get one or not. And your pics arnt helping lol. Gorgeous snake
  4. So I've noticed...but I think IF I ever get another one, it's going to be a huge step up from this girl attitude and pricewise (I've been researching emerald tree boas). I think it will be quite a while before I take that kind of plunge. I'm glad this girl is a shy eater...I am more than happy to put her in a box and stick it in the closet :eek: Still a bit squeamish with the feeding. As a snake keeper, I have a very long road ahead of me :cool:

    Yeah, these guys and sand boas are the 'pet holes' of the snake world :p

    Thank you both for the compliments...I am both biased and inexperienced, but I agree :D
  5. sharpfang

    sharpfang Arachnoangel

    Nice Looking Coastal Albino

    The Largest of the RosyBoas..... a Book is in Publishing stage....
    by: Jerry Hartley

    They are as easy as Snakes/Boas get, care wise.......Treat like Arid species.

    I give H2O only weekly, for a day or two. Feeding is Bi-Weekly :wicked:
    and entertaining.

    You can e-mail me for variety of Pics. Looks like Girl, But, I cannot see vent area well from pics for Spur presence, which will be obvious at that size ;)

    - Jason
  6. Mina

    Mina Arachnoking Old Timer

    Congratulations, she is lovely!!!! I had a tiny baby albino and it died, I was heartbroken. I do have two others though, both coastal males, one is an adult and one is about a year and a half old. I just love these snakes, they are so sweet and so soft!!!!
  7. Shell

    Shell ArachnoVixen AKA Dream Crusher AKA Heartbreaker

    You will learn quickly :) Feeding is still not my favorite thing to do, but I am much better with it than I used to be, it all comes fairly quickly though.

    I really like the Emerald Tree Boas, but my next snake will definately be a Red Tail Boa, they are just so sexy :cool: Now if only I had more room, a little harder to find space for them, then it is to find space for new spiders.

    Good luck with your girl.
  8. Thanks for the info Jason. She has already been sexed, so I'm definitely sure on the female part. I didn't realize that these were the largest of the rosies. As for the feeding, I am well aware that she has a rather voracious feeding response, but that's something that I'll just have to gradually get used to seeing...I used to keep rodents as pets :}

    I am so sorry about your loss Mina :( She is quite sweet/docile, but I am concerned about accidentally triggering her feeding response when getting her out. I have not/will not feed her in her enclosure, so that should help. I guess I just need to observe and learn some behavioral/body language cues that might predict a problem. I am very new to the snake arena, but I think that everyone should have a rosy, they are fabulous! I always said that I would never own a snake, then I met this girl {D

    Have any of you had experience breeding these guys? I know that they need a hibernation and that they bear live young...but that's about it.
  9. sharpfang

    sharpfang Arachnoangel

    I Only have One Albino Coastal {Red-Eyed}

    Her name is "Strawberry" and the Coastal Axanthic phase is "Destro"
    View attachment 82709
    Enjoy your new Boa. I hold them regularly, and give them branches
    and perches. They are visible, most of the time. But, they are burrowers
    by nature, and appreciate 2 hides, and seperate niches.
    They help keep my Disposition - Rosy - Jason :p
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  10. I loooooove rosy boas! Yours is friggin gorgeous

    Jason - hang on to a baby for me! :D
  11. some nice rosy boas on this thread i Especially the Axanthic!
  12. sharpfang

    sharpfang Arachnoangel

    In 1 3/4 years Ms. X will probably have Babies Teal

    None of us beleive that She is gonna Stop here, do we :cool: - LOL

    A male from last Fall, will be ready in that time if well cared for, and robust individual.

    Nothing like looking in the 20 gal. and Noticing a little one curled in front of cave :p

    Besides, over the years of my herpetoculture experiences......These guys are the easiest, and yet - Not boring, there is a Variety and color phase for Everyones liking. You just gotta stop, and smell the Roses ;) - Jason

    P.S. thanx for compliments........Ms. X's girl is also, an especially *nice*
    specimin, from those I have seen.

    Furthermore: 4 those wanting 2 aquire QUALITY RosyBoas, it is in your Best Interest to call Randy Wright of Southern Cali - The Best all-around, friendly & knowledgable service and advice, that you will Ever receive :worship:
  13. I definitely need to stop here for now...I have too many Theraphosid breeding projects going on :p I am already quite captivated though, these guys are amazing!

    Jason, she does have 2 hides (1 on the cool side and 1 half on/half off the heat). So far, she seems to prefer the warmer of the two...I do wish she would come out more though.
  14. sharpfang

    sharpfang Arachnoangel

    I Understand

    They are out more than their Rubber Boa cousins though.

    Of which, I just aquired two c.b. babies this Morn.

    Post Pics in my thread later tonight.

    A real beauty ya got - I just fed mine ;) - Jason
  15. I usually hate albino coloring but that is a pretty boa. Nice on both of them.
  16. Mina

    Mina Arachnoking Old Timer

    Ms. X, thank you for your sympathy.
    I wouldn't worry to much about triggering feeding reflexes. When Morgaine (my 1 1/2 year old male coastal) was little he went through a phase that he would get so hungry when we picked him up to move him he would automatically latch on to the nearest finger. It didn't hurt and we didn't react. It was actually kind of funny. He stopped as soon as he figured out that humans aren't edible for a snake as small as him. I've had baby corns go through phases like that too. They generally grow out of it if you keep your feeding routine consistent.
    Your snakes are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! I love Strawberry!!!!!!!
  17. sharpfang

    sharpfang Arachnoangel

    Great Point Mina bout'

    Them going through heavy-feeding response phases.......Usually around 1 1/2
    to 2 years old {and mostly aspiring size Males}........They seem to wanna bulk-up during that stretch.

    I can't count the # of times that I have shown people a Rosy wrapped around my hand - 4 Loops tight and knawing slowly :} :wicked:
    They DO outgrow this, if ever encountered :p

    LOL - Jason