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Agressive ball python.

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by skinheaddave, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. skinheaddave

    skinheaddave SkorpionSkin Arachnosupporter

    Just talked to a young lady who'se ball python has just gotten aggressive. She's had it since it was a hatchling 12 years ago but just recently it has gotten aggressive -- even going so far as to strike through the glass. It is a male, has been cooled and not mated. Could this lead to this behaviour? Any other thoughts?

  2. sunnymarcie

    sunnymarcie Celestial Spider Old Timer

    Does she handle him every day?
    I have read that they will revert back to their natural
    ways if they are not handled regularly.
    A temperature change can make them act odd to.
    Hope that I helped a little:)
  3. Lycanthrope

    Lycanthrope Arachnolord Old Timer

    has she given close examination for possible injury? we had one a few months back that would strike at me if i got anywhere near him. finally i grabbed him and did a good look about to find some sort of ulcer on his skin along the stomach. got it treated and nows hes back to being nice.:?