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Advice on O. Glabrifrons enclosure

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Ivymike1973, May 5, 2012.

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    I found a custom enclosure (made for burrowing spiders) and I am setting it for my burrowing scorps. The enclosure is 24" wide x 18" tall x 3.5" deep.
    I was planning on putting a divider so that I can put one scorp on each side but I am not sure if they need to have more room to run around on the top surface. Each scorp would have about 3.5" x 12" of space on the surface. From the info I can find, it seems like they will spend almost all of their time in the burrow so I am thinking that won't be an issue but want to make sure before i get it all set up. I could splice another enclosure onto the top of it to provide more floor space if they need it.
    Was planning on setting up the bottom with pea gravel and tubes to introduce water so the scorps can pick the humidity level they are comfortable at.
    For substrate I was planning on using about 60% sand, 20% excavator clay, and 20% shredded coco bark. Packed down while damp and allowed to dry completely before introducing the scorps.
    Any other advice about the care or setup for these guys would be much appreciated.

    Here is a pic of the enclosure
  2. that looks more like an enclosure suitable for an ant farm! and spiders and scorps come out at night to hunt and that doesnt look like it would give them enough roaming room. i might be wrong, but thats just my opinion
  3. Hornets inverts

    Hornets inverts Arachnobaron

    actually many species dont come out apart from when they snatch prey so narrow enclosures are just fine
  4. okie dokie:angelic:
  5. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking

    I would not keep larger scorpions like O.glabrifrons in such an enclosure, way too narrow..By the way, it has no floor space in such an enclosure, so when it wants to wander around, it can't....
  6. Hi Michiel,
    That is my dilemma. I have heard that they do not really wander around much and prefer to stay in their burrows so I thought it would be ok as is. That is the input I received from the "expert" at the LPS where I bought them (and as HornetsInverts said above) but if necessary, I can basically splice two enclosures together by putting a short tank on the top that is essentially around 12" x 24" so that they can have some room to wander but still be able to burrow where I can see them. Most of the information I find on these guys is conflicting. I ordered "Scorpions of Southern Africa but it hasn't come in yet so I am not sure if there is information in there that will help. I would eventually like to get into breeding these guys but I first want to make sure that they are happy and healthy (without having a pet hole).
  7. Sorry, I have to agree with Michiel here...if you want to breed them, you will definitely need a larger enclosure. If you want to go to the work to do this, then it is worth the investment...
  8. Thank you very much for the input.
    It is much appreciated.
  9. No problem, good work trying to breed this species...
  10. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking

    In my opinion the words expert and LPS are a bad marriage :) I am not saying that you can't keep the scorpions in it, it is just not ideal...Enclosures could be at least twice the total lenght of the scorpion wide, and triple the total lenght long....You can keep the scorpion in that enclosure, and if you have a pair they will probably also breed...Scorpions are hardy and will do with what they are provided. You could make a pre dug burrow on one side, to force they animal to adopt it. A benefit of that enclosure, is that you might be able to look into the burrow, that's cool. If the scorpion digs the burrow at the side, so you can see it, you could easily turn it around, so it is not disturbed...
  11. I agree completely. The shop has a great selection of scorps and Ts but I have gotten quite a bit of advice from him that conflicts with the info on the net significantly. He is breeding LQs so I guess I have to respect his advice to some extent for them but in most other areas he is way off. At least I know that now so I can do the research myself instead of trusting his advice. My grandpa used to say that you should never trust an expert- an "ex" is a has-been and a "spurt" is just a drip under pressure.
    Thank you very much for the input on the enclosure. I am working on modifying it to have more leg room since I noticed that my O. Glabrifrons does seem to explore the full extent of his current temporary enclosure.
  12. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking

    That is a wise piece of advise your grandpa gave you....it rules out arachnologists however, but I'll bet he told you that too....:)