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Acclimatizing pokie slings

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Gekkotan, May 18, 2011.

  1. Gekkotan

    Gekkotan Arachnosquire

    A have bought 2 P. metallica and P. "lowland" spiderlings and I housed them in 250ml plastic pots with humid vermiculite. As they have been poor feeders since they arrived, only eating once, one small cricket in 6 days each, I decided to put some wood pieces and a retreat to make them more confortable. I have heard that when slings, they are more fossorial so I placed it horizontaly.. Does anyone can give me other tips to make their acclimatizing more successful? BTW, they are in a undisturbed place and I just check out them twice a day.
  2. Obijuan56

    Obijuan56 Arachnosquire

    My P. Regalis seems to be fine since I brought it home, it ate the first day I brought it home from the pet store. You said it has only been 6 days since you got them, so I would just offer food to them every couple of days and they should start eating and webbing w/e they feel comfortable. Every Tarantula is different even amongst the same species. Just try not to bother them as much as possible, I know its hard to resist looking at new tarantulas but that should help.
  3. KoriTamashii

    KoriTamashii Arachnobaron

    Yup. This about sums it up.

    Just be patient and don't disturb it, and it will get settled in after no time at all.
  4. There are a few reasons they might not be eating: they could be stressed from the rehousing, getting ready to molt, or simply not hungry. Either way, I couldn't worry. As others have said, just leave them alone for a few days, let them settle in, and offer food once or twice per week. I would still leave the containers vertically-oriented, even if they seem to want to burrow...they'll probably pull some substrate up and incorporate it into their web tunnels. My P. ornata sling did a lot of this when it was under 1". Just make sure they have at least a couple of inches of substrate available.