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About to jump in head first

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by KyleR2202, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. KyleR2202

    KyleR2202 Arachnopeon


    I figured lead with pictures, they all arrived alive! The first bottle I pulled out was labeled P. sazimai so I freaked out a little only to find it empty, but it was larger than the other bottles. The next one I pulled was a B. albo freebie, holy hell was it small, I instantly realized why there was a larger bottle lol. The GBB is much bigger than I anticipated which I don’t mind at all, seriously its gorgeous!! The E. rufescens is gorgeous too, the green abdomen and bronze carapace with the rear red legs, just soo cool, so underrated imo.
    The Brachy’s kind of look the same at this point lol. All of the rehouse went smooth as butter, couldn’t of been better really. The only guy to give me any grief was the A. seemani, he didn’t want to leave his paper towel, so I gave him a little but bump and he gave me the cutest little threat pose before diving onto one of the fake leave and hiding under it. I’m over the moon guys, seriously blow away by them and it’s literally only been like 2 hours. I’ll probabkg try and feed them after I eat dinner myself and I’ll hopefully snag a few more pics.

    As far as them digging burrows and what not, that’s fine and expected on my part. As long as they’re healthy they can be my pet holes as long as it takes for them to get nice and big. It’s a marathon not a sprint right. Plus I have an affinity for fossorial, hence the interest in the baboons.
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  2. KyleR2202

    KyleR2202 Arachnopeon

    Well we’re just over a week in...a boy what a weeks it’s been. I start off with the smallest I suppose...

    The teeny tiny B. albopilosum scavenged 2 cricket legs within the first 5 days. On Monday I made her a little starter hole a little deeper and put a few drops of water down just to keep it a little moist, also added a one round LEGO piece as a water dish. She never used her hole but right after I put the water down it she dove in and hasn’t come out since. It’s been fun watching her excavate and build a little mound of dirt. Since her hole is right against the vial wall I can see her perfectly and while I was at work today my wife noticed she’d moulted. So yeah that’s awesome! I can already tell she’s bigger, I’ll wait a week or so before I bother her for anything more than a water dish refill.

    The A. seemani has been a funny little one, she mostly just sits right out in the open or under one of the leaves. She scavenged a good hunk of super worm the night I got her, and scavenged a cricket leg a few days later. I left her with a chunk of super worm today before I left for work. My wife later noticed when she was looking at them that his enclosure had been swarmed by Pharoe (sugar) ants. So she did an emergency rehouse, my wife said that the A.seemani came out onto her hand and she had to remove some ants off of her before putting her in the new enclosure. So getting that text at work was a little stressful, nevertheless my wife is a trooper and the A. seemani is actually in its burrow in the new enclosure my wife put together, so I guess that’s good. She looks ok to me, all legs and pedipalps accounted for.

    The B. emilia scavenged two chunks of super worm, the day I got her and Saturday. Her but was looking pretty fat and shiny and by Monday night she had a nice burrow dug out and now it’s all covered up just like the B.albo just twice the size lol. So I’m assuming she’ll moult soon too.

    The C. cyaneopubescens has been amazing to watch, the enclosure is already got a good amount of webbing on it. Since she is pushing an inch I’m not overflowing her water dish like I am the others. She eats like a champ, she’s had 2 small crickets and a pin head, wed/fri/mon respectively. She refused a cricket today but then again her but was looking pretty shiny, dark and plump so I wouldn’t be surprised if a moult was coming.

    The best for last... E. rufescens, or as I like to call her, my little pokie. It’s always funny when a fossorial decides to be arboreal, which I know Ephebopus do do as slings, but still it is nice to she her soo much. If she’s not right under the lid on top of the leaf she’s on the underside doing the “hokey pokey” as I’ve seen it called around here. Other than that though, she’s a little skittish but a good eater. The first day I gave her a cricket that was a little bigger than I thought she could handle but nope, proved me wrong. Took it down with tenacity, then another Friday and Monday, so I was a little surprised when she didn’t want any today. I’ll try again in a few days cause she doesn’t look like she’s in premoult but who really knows, not like many people get to see their ephebopus’ much.

    So yeah that was pretty much it, I feel like I kind of had a full on crash course, but it all worked out so far. I’m in love, it’s gonna be hard not getting more, especially seeing the A.avics at the pet store every time I get feeders. I’ve got pretty good self restraint though, I promised myself I wouldn’t get more until these guys are at least stable juvies.
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