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A PERFECT example of a female exuvium PIC

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by ChrisNCT, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    Lately there has been allot of sexing on here so I figured that I would help out. What I have here for a pic is of a Female adult Brachypelma vagans. Approx size now is 6". You can clearly see the 2 sets of booklungs and also the "infamous" area where the flap is on females.


    P.S. (BOARD MODS).....If this should be in another place. Just let me know.
  2. Lorgakor

    Lorgakor Arachnomom Old Timer

    This should be in a sticky. Along with a really good pic of a male exuvium and a couple good ventral sexing pics too. That way people can just go to the sticky and compare their pictures to some really accurate ones. Don't y'all think so?
  3. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    Heres one of the ventral side of the same T before this molt.

  4. jbrd

    jbrd Arachnoprince Old Timer

    i comepletely agree this should be in a sticky, myself being a newbie have read about as much as i can find on sexing a T , and i am still a little bit (a little i said lol) about the whole sexing issue. thanks ChrisNCT for the great pic and the drawings on the pic.
  5. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Let's not forget that there are different "flaps." It'd be good to have examples of many different species, both male and female.
  6. jbrd

    jbrd Arachnoprince Old Timer

    good point becca. is it possible for someone to add these to this thread?
  7. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    Becca is correct..not all of the flaps are identical. They are similar but this will give the general idea on what to look for.That is why I store these photos. I keep very intracte records of sizes, molts, sexing, eating and other information on all of my pets. I have many internal/ external shots of exuviums for many different species. I just didnt want to post it here and end up being in the wrong forums ro something.

    What I think is that we should either make a sexing library with just pics storage or on the actual genus/species post, put it in there somewhere (sticky at top)?
  8. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    Here is two of my Acanthoscurria geniculata. You can see the difference.

  9. jbrd

    jbrd Arachnoprince Old Timer

    how do you keep track of your records, microsoft excell , or word, and if so how do you organize it? i just wanna give the best possible care to my T's, plus i will be able to get more too :D
  10. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    I use my Microsoft Works in my XP.

    I use the spreadsheets & database.

    I customize each page for the actual spider or scorpions. It's quite complex but it works. It takes me like 5 mintues to find something usually.
  11. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    I use a spreadsheet that Guy Tansley (www.giantspiders.com) set up. I've tweaked it a little to fit my needs and it works wonderfully!


    BTW - here's a link to a page regarding sexing by exuvium.
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  12. Tescos

    Tescos Banned

    sorry its gone!
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2005
  13. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    lol...LMAO..that should simplify things!
  14. Sheri

    Sheri Arachnoking

    It is now.

    Beginners thread, sexing.

    Loaded with links like anchovies on a pizza.

    Check out Spider Shoppe's spermathecae gallery.
  15. CedrikG

    CedrikG Arachnoking Old Timer

    good idea for the sticky
  16. AphonopelmaTX

    AphonopelmaTX Moderator Staff Member

    Write up what physiological use each labeled part has and you'll qualify for a " :clap: ". Otherwise you'll get a " :rolleyes: " {D

  17. Sasa

    Sasa Arachnosquire Old Timer

    This is the thing you want to see:

    And hereĀ“s a male:

    Male outside:
  18. Tescos

    Tescos Banned

    sorry its gone!
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  19. Tescos

    Tescos Banned

    sorry its gone!
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  20. FryLock

    FryLock Banned

    It was all tripe anyway :rolleyes:.
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