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5.5g Custom Enclosure, and Rehousing a Pokie

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Teal, Feb 1, 2010.

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    There are videos.. but my "director" forgot to upload them lol
    So for now, I will show off the pictures!

    Adversary was kind enough to make a 5.5g enclosure with custom lid for Panda (gravid A. avic) to get comfy in, so she'll have some space to drop her sac.
    He brought it over for decorating, which we had way too much fun doing!

    Here is the finished product..
    On the right, the green leaves.. that's the water bowl.
    On top..
    Is a second level, enclosed in leaves for privacy :)

    The rehousing was flawless.. Panda was her calm, cooperative self :)
    (New pictures of her during the rehousing will be in my photo thread in a few minutes!)

    Annnd, since we couldn't just leave it at that... I reminded Adversary that I could use some help rehousing my pokie, "Sly" (P. pederseni)

    So, after we created this adorable little enclosure (I really do love this one!)


    It was a cautious rehousing, but it went flawless as well! I think it helped that we fed him first LOL
    Pictures of the guy in his new home also up in my picture thread here in just a few minutes.
  2. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    Awesome job on the new enclosures.. I really like how the 5.5 gal turned out.. That was mighty nice of Javi to bring that to ya...
  3. I like!!! you can say that this really has a feminine touch.... love those flower's, looks almost orchid like... those bright yellow one's... is it? anyway nice work....
  4. Thanks Tommy :) I hope Panda likes it too! So far, she's hanging out near the door lol

    Thanks Arachno! I have no idea what flowers the yellow ones are modeled after... and most of the "feminine touch" can be accredited to Adversary, who likes to play with flowers :)p sorry Javi.. it had to be said sometime!)
  5. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    Thats where Squid likes to hang out at... Weird..
  6. Adversary

    Adversary Arachnopeon

    Too bad you didn't get any pics with the lid closed.

    I like to play with flowers? :shame:

    But i do hope Panda likes it. :D
  7. Tommy.. shh, Panda might hear you and think it's okay to stay there! :p

    Javi.. Why didn't ya remind me? lol I'll post some up, to show off your great building skills lol

  8. Ariel

    Ariel Arachnoprince

    ooo, looks nice. :clap: congrats on the two rehousings. :)
  9. Looks good!!! Javi did a nice job....even if it did have a "femme touch," LOL!!!

    Incidentally, Eva has been hanging by her door all day today as well....must be something in the air.......:p
  10. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    I think Eva is just hanging out on the door to read your computer screen.. She can see she is getting a BF soon! LoL! :D
  11. Yep, she's smitten already!!!! {D
  12. 3 A.M. and Eva sitting in a fake tree.. t-a-p-p-i-n-g!


    Sorry, I couldn't resist!

    Thanks Steve! :) It was a good collaboration of efforts.. not such a good video on how to make an enclosure lol but it was fun!
  13. {D {D {D

    Can't wait for the video.....

  14. Me neither!

    But Javi is an early bird.. so we'll have to wait until tomorrow, I guess lol
  15. Twisted

    Twisted Arachnosquire

    Looks good. I am so not looking forward to rehousing my pokies. Anyone want to just come do it for me?
  16. jbm150

    jbm150 Arachnoprince

    Gotta say no bueno on the avic's home. Yeah, its a little lady with pink toes living there but you've wussified a deadly, bug-destroying predator :shame:
  17. Honestly, it's not so bad, just be prepared by limiting the places they can go. I have a 20 gallon styrofoam cooler that I do most rehousing in.

    I just rehoused a 3" P. pederseni a couple weeks ago... went very easy.

  18. Jake... Save it for when I am up there! It'll be a blast lol

    Jeff... I giggled. lol

    Forrest.. nice video! I was definitely not going to be that brave with Sly haha
  19. MarSea222

    MarSea222 Arachnopeon

    That is a beautiful enclosure!!! Love the flowers.:clap::clap::clap:
  20. Thanks! :D

    The only thing I don't like about it.. is it doesn't fit in the hot case :( And I think she really liked it in there.

    But, you know what that means?

    Another hot case... :D lol