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4 New Children

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Arachnopal, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Arachnopal

    Arachnopal Arachnopeon

    I recieved 4 new T's today
    brachypelma albopilosum 1.5 inch
    aphonopelma moderatum 1.5 inch
    pterinochilus murinis 3 inch
    haplopelma lividum 3 inch

    The 2 little ones were unpacked first not a problem. Next I unpacked the P. Murinis. I expected a rabid mass of fangs but I opened the tissue with chop sticks and it calmly walked off the tissue so I could remove it. After spending a few moments near the top of the tank it went to the substrate caught a cricket and headed for the makeshift hide that was set up for it. I quickly put up a silk curtain and began to enjoy its meal.
    The H. lividum was the last to unpack. I have to tell you this first.A few days ago they got in 1 of these colbalts at my local pet store. The store owner opened the deli cup to show it to me. It sat nicely in the damp paper towel as we gazed at it. While talking about it we both removed our eyes from the open cup several times. After several mins he placed the lid back on the cup and put it away.
    Ok back to unpacking my cobalt. I remove the tissue from the bottle and place it in the tank the same as i just did with the p. murinis. I take 2 chop sticks and start to open the tissue. I had a hole just barely big enough to peek into and this cobalt comes out like a bull at a rodeo with the gate door being tossed open. It did not go after the sticks nor my hands. It came straight at me. It hit the tank side with a thump backing me up about 2 feet. I heard these were fast but I never saw a T move like this. It took me several tries to remove the tissue. Everytime I would try to remove it the cobalt would jump on it like it was protecting an eggsack. I had to wait for it to explore its new home. It grabbed a cricket I grabbed the tissue LOL
    It was an exciting afternoon I almost had to use that tissue myself.
  2. razor244

    razor244 Arachnopeon

    LI NY
    sounds like ur cobalt blue has some attitude =P. make sure you update us on how she settles in
  3. TigerLily87

    TigerLily87 Arachnopeon

    Brachy Albos are the best :D