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~1.5" M. balfouri housing conundrum.

Discussion in 'Vivariums and Terrariums' started by Akitsu, May 28, 2018.

  1. Akitsu

    Akitsu Arachnopeon

    There are lots of informational posts on housing, and I found answers here when I needed to move my G pulchra and P irminia on to bigger digs, but for M balfouri I didn't really find information that I felt applied to the size mine are at now. Thanks SO MUCH to anyone who leaves some input, it's much appreciated!!!

    I have 2 M. balfouri, kept individually. They have reached between 1.5-2" DLS now, and I would like to move them to bigger enclosures. Currently they are housed in the 2qt "Mainstays" food storage containers that you can get at WalMart (with the screw on lid) which I filled just over half way with substrate for burrowing (they were around 3/4" at the time) and then gave each several anchor points as well as some cork bark to hide under or use to web around. I did my level best to make sure both enclosures were nearly identical.

    One of them has dug a single, straight tunnel diagonally into a corner under the leaning cork bark, but has webbed the heck out of the rest, so much that it also now regularly webs the underside of the lid as well and I cannot actually see through the container at all except looking through the web tunnels. The other, however, has barely webbed more than a shallow series of surface tubes but has more burrowing happening throughout the substrate.

    Would it be smart to move them to a Kritter Keeper style enclosure next? Would that allow for a good amount of floor space/sub depth but leave some height for webbing as well? I would have to modify the vents on the KK for little feet just in case and I kind of hate the lids but it might be the best of both worlds for them? Also, I don't want to have to rehouse these guys more than one time after this...but then that begs the question, what size KK would be best for this situation? I am not really familiar with them (Kritter Keepers) and I don't want to cause my balfouri undue stress either.

    I appreciate anyone who takes the time to reply and leave some advice. Bonus appreciation for anyone who has pictures of a good "tween size" suggestion. I've been trying to figure this out for about 3 weeks now! haha
  2. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    I think they're both big enough to put into an adult enclosure. Just drop feeders into the web.

    I love Terra Blue professional enclosures. If you move them in together as a communal, the 5 gallon would probably be ok. Otherwise do 2 of the 3 gallon ones. They don't get that big and they tend to burrow. A large hide is a must. Basically just do it like a rose hair but with deeper substrate. Leave enough room so they don't web up to the lid.

    You can also do an ExoTerra 8x8x8 but those don't accept as much depth in the substrate so they can't burrow as much. A cork bark tube at an angle would probably make it ok.

    Sadly the one I had passed away from impaction. I suspect but can't prove that mold played a role. Be especially careful to keep webbing out of the water dish and if you see the slightest trace of mold, get them out of there at once and thoroughly clean everything ASAP. Treat that like an emergency.

    They are wickedly fast so be careful. Make sure they get under ground or into the hide fully before opening the cage!!
  3. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Mold in general is not an issue, however this may vary w/species. I've seen experienced breeders grow mushrooms in tanks with Ts, no issues.
  4. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    Mold is widely thought to be fatal to tarantulas if it gets into the book lungs or blocks them up with fecal impaction.

    Still, suspicions aren't facts & mushrooms might be fungi but aren't the same as generic mold.
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