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The Brown Burrow

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    Seattle/Everett/Snohomish (and surrounding cities), Washington
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    Hey all!

    I'm an up and coming breeder/collector and have been collecting various arachnid and invertebrate species for some time now. Got into the hobby when I was 18 (27 now) and never knew there was a HUGE community surrounding the hobby (probably cuz I lived in Canada at the time :wacky::D (I'm a dual citizen)).

    Now I'm looking to build my contact base, upgrade my collection area, attend Expo's (never knew those existed either for his type of hobby!), and always looking to learn more and continue to gain more knowledge of exotic animal life.

    My long term goal is to establish a solid business/clientele with which I'd sell to, provide information regarding care about T's & Inverts, and even provide an "Exotic Pet Care Sitting Service" for individuals who go out of town (for example) and have a trained individual come and feed, care for, mist, and do daily check ups on their exotic pets. If (when) I get to that stage I'd probably have to have some kind of "business name". I guess for starters I'd call it, The Brown Burrow.

    Posting here to introduce myself and so I can eventually have access to the Selling&Buying Forum!


    - Kyle