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Mother of Spiders

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    Niagara, Ontario Canada
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    Via email address listed above
    Hobbyist in Southern Ontario looking to trade with and meet others in the area. Enjoy raising Ts from a sling (99% of my collection started as such) and breeding as a hobby the natural way (leaving with Mother) as often as possible. Successful sacs so far 3x Psalmopoeus pulcher (1 double clutch), 1x Brachypelma albopilosum, 1x Cyriocosmus elegans, 3x Psalmopoeus Cambridgei, 1x Davus pentaloris, 2x Psalmopoeus irminia, 2x Caribena versicolor, 2x Neoholothele incei (Olive/Gold mixed clutch), 1x Damon diadema, 1x P. murinus 50/50, 1x L. nigerrimum

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