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    Shirley, MA
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    Long time lurker since I got my first giant millipedes in 2009, started getting more active with collecting after getting my first centipede at an expo last year, and now that I have moved into a place with more space for inverts.

    I currently own (updated 24-Feb-18):
    0.0.2 S. polymorpha, adult about 5", younger one about 3", unsexed (Spicy and Sacrifice)
    0.0.1 S. polymorpha "Sky Island Blue variant" immature (Eiffel)
    Alipes multicostis

    9 Trigoniulus corallinus "Scarlet millipedes" (unsexed)

    1.0 Heterometrus sp adult (Uncle Pinchy)
    0.1 Tityus stigmurus (Tity)

    0.1 B. albopilosum, adult (Dig)
    0.0.1 A. avicularia, subadult (Sakura-chan)
    0.0.1 P. platyhomma (Princess Pidder)
    0.0.1 L. paryhybana
    0.0.1 P. irminia (Gulo)
    0.0.1 G. porteri (Boring)
    0.0.1 Chilobrachys sp. "Electric Blue" (Aries)

    6 Phrynus marginemaculatus (unsexed)
    0.1.0 Damon sp.
    0.0.1 Dynastus granti
    0.0.2 Chrysina gloriosa
    0.1.0 Gromphadorhina portentosa
    2.0.0 Felis catus, black morph

    I'm currently studying harvestmen and working in a natural history museum for both the research collections and as a lab assistant. I'm always trying to get better at taxonomy, identification, and of course learn husbandry with live specimens as much as I can... especially since all the ones I play with at work are either dead or reduced to ACGT on a computer.

    I also do taxidermy and traditional art, my IG: https://www.instagram.com/frozenduskstudio/