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    I'm still fairly new to millipedes but I love to watch them. I'm beginning to have some success at breeding, but because the tank is a mixed tank, I don't know what all my babies are yet. I'm looking forward to setting up more tanks so I can keep species separate. I haven't learned all the scientific names so for the moment, I'll tell you the common name of what I have until I get a chance to look up the scientific names:
    Texas Desert (Ornatus (Gold), Chocolate, Regular (?))
    Giant African Black (Gigas)
    In my mixed tank I have:
    Smokey Oaks
    Olive giant African
    Thai Rainbow
    Strepticus (sp?) (they knot up instead of coil)
    My North Americans were doing great until I put them in with my mixed tank and they died off--I suspect it was too warm for them as their previous tank wasn't heated.
    I just had several babies, which may be any of the above from the mixed tank, including the North Americans. I did have Ivories in there, but I don't think any of the babies are ivories even though I had two males and a female. I don't think my olives are quite old enough to breed, but I do have a male/female so I'm hopeful. I want to get them separated out soon for that reason. My gigas mate but have yet to produce offspring. I really think a bigger tank might help with that.
    I've had a couple flat Millies (feather, train, tigani I think), but didn't have the right habitats really so I've opted to hold off on getting more until I can set up tanks and keep them at the proper temperatures. I've still got so very much to learn but I'm trying. I'll try to get the scientific names added to the above soon.

    I work in the space industry, keep crested geckos and cats, and foster cats for a local rescue. I'm a recent breast cancer survivor (contributed to my millipede die offs as I was not an able caretaker for about 3 months, sadly). I enjoy writing and even have a book published. It's a childen's book with a millipede as the main character (Mia's Best Christmas Ever, on Amazon).