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Tarantula Avicularia sp. "Ecuador"

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  • More information about the Genus "Avicularia" can be found here.

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  1. Austin S.

    Austin S. Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Austin S.
    "First US successful sac!"
    Initial Breeding Date:
    Oct 15, 2015
    Special Notes:
    Temperature 80 degrees. Humidity 50%.
    Male was placed in females container, twice. 10/15/15 and 10/26/15
    Two long, clean insertions. Each lasting a few minutes.
    Post Mating Care:
    Post mating:
    Female was fed an adult dubia every other day. She put on a lot of weight and on 11/10, she was rehoused into a custom acrylic container. 6x6x12
    The whole inside of the container was sprayed heavily every 3 days.
    Temps 80 degrees-84.
    Humidity 65%-75%
    Time & Care:
    Sac was made exactly 43 days after the first mating.
    Left sac with female for 25 days. During which, the container was covered with a towel, and left alone. Opened sac on day 25, all healthy 1st instar.
    Final Details:
    91 good eggs, 0 bad.
    1/10/15 - 2nd instar. All survived.
    To sum it up, this species is just like breeding any other Avicularia.
    Pay attention to temperature, humidity, food intake and you'll be good.
    I would like to thank Steve123 for the slings, which were given to me two years ago. It is because of him, that I was able to experience such an awesome experience.
    Here is the link to more information in regards to me breeding them, as well as multiple pictures.