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General Site Rules And Warning System

General Rules


With an ever-growing number of users, Arachnoboards has seen fit to create a set of rules to govern what is acceptable and unacceptable on the boards. The goal of these rules is to ensure that the forums continue to be an informative, fun and community-building resource for all who venture here. They create a uniform code of conduct for the users and establish a framework for enforcement among the ever-increasing number of moderators and administrators that form Arachnoboards Team. We ask that you read, understand and abide by the rules of the forum. The rules may seem extensive, but as with any community, 95% of the rules are there because 5% of the people want to push the boundaries. There is no reason that the rules should interfere with your use of the forums for their intended purpose.

You can help! If you see any violation of the rules, please REPORT IT using the "Report" button found in the post you'd like to report.

Although the administrators and moderators of Arachnoboards will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Arachnoboards, nor XenForo Ltd. (developers of XenForo) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

The primary focus of Arachnopets.com and Arachnoboards is the promotion of the hobby of keeping invertebrate animals. Therefore, any behavior which patently transgresses this primary goal is prohibited.

  • The forum is divided into numerous subject-specific areas and a designated off-topic, general discussion area. All posts must be made in the appropriate forums.
    • Posts may be moved and/or deleted without notice.
    • Off-topic material is to be posted only in The Watering Hole.
    • Classifieds ads go in the "For Sale/Trade/Want To Buy" forum. If a post has a Dealer/Seller Name, Item and Price, it will be considered a classifieds ad and will be edited/moderated accordingly. Links to classifieds ads are strictly prohibited.
    • We have 3 different forums & multiple galleries for posts/pictures regarding Tarantulas. Information on which posts go where can be found here.
    • Posts regarding your latest post count, the user titles and equally useless matters don't really belong anywhere.
  • Each user is restricted to one user account.
    • If more than one person is to use a single computer, please contact the Arachnoboards Team so that we do not mistakenly delete the second account.
    • If you wish to change your user name, do not create a second account.
    • If you have been registered for 14 days or less, contact the Arachnoboards Team and we may change the name on your existing account.
    • If you have been registered for over 14 days you can purchase a one time name change or upgrade to one of our Arachnosupporter accounts (they include 1 free name change per year) here.
    • Accounts that are flagged as "duplicate" will be placed in moderated status and have posting privileges revoked. A conversation will be started with both accounts and moderated status will not be removed until satisfactorily explained.
  • Unacceptable Language and Material.
    • Arachnoboards is a family friendly site. If the language can't be used on daytime broadcast TV, it can't be used here. Masking with asterisks or symbols, or the use of acronyms is also not allowed.
    • Personal attacks of any sort will NOT be tolerated.
    • Spamming to advertise Arachnoboards elsewhere on the internet will not be tolerated. Nor will the posting of spam on Arachnoboards. In addition, commercial spamming and trolling will NOT be tolerated. Please realize that all the commercial spammers and trolls want is to get attention and disrupt the community. Do not give them what they want. If any member notices there is a commercial spam or troll type post, DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. Responding WILL result in a warning (with points). Just report it so we can take care of it. This will be enforced with zero tolerance.
    • No soliciting of any kind, anywhere on the site.
    • No contests (including free giveaways) unless previously approved of by Arachnoboards management.
    • Copyrighted material which you do not explicitly have permission to use is not to be posted or distributed through Arachnoboards.

In the area of enforcement of the rules, the Arachnoboards Team are judge, jury, and executioner. Their decisions are not open for debate, and this is not a democracy. The moderators/admins are NOT to be mocked, ridiculed, called out on or questioned in the public discussion forums. Our moderation (in general) is NOT up for public discussion or to be questioned either. If you have issues with any member of the Arachnoboards Team, take it up in an email or PM.

Warning System

Our warning system is intended only to create a framework for the Arachnoboards Team to work with. Due to the complicated and infinitely variable nature of possible infractions, we will step outside of the framework where necessary (includes closing/removing threads/posts at our discretion). The same applies to the nature of the rules. If we feel that there is behaviour not explicitly covered in the rules but which is harmful or disruptive to the community we will deal with it as we see fit.

Below is a list of some of the warnings that may be given. All warnings give 2 points and expire after a month (unless otherwise stated). If you reach 10 points, you will be temporarily banned until your point total falls under 10 points.

  • Unacceptable Content (The unacceptable content can be any of/or multiples of the following, but are not limited to: invalid post, language, link, solicitation, contests, and/or copyright violations.)
  • Classifieds Violation (The violation can be any of/or multiples of the following, but are not limited to: incomplete/missing prices, pre-sale, invalid item(permission required),multiple bumps and/or posts, incomplete and/or missing Terms of Service or Live Arrival Guarantee, Invalid and/or missing location.)
  • Personal Attack (5 points, expires after 1 month)
  • Calling out staff / Discussing moderation (10 points, expires after 1 month)

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

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