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NoStoneUnturned Herps

Possibly Aphonopelma spiderling?

Found this guy under a large rock inside of a burrow(in southern California). He appears to be an Aphonopelma spiderling, but i'm not sure. Any identification or care tips would be greatly appreciated.

Possibly Aphonopelma spiderling?
NoStoneUnturned Herps, Mar 12, 2017
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    • BobBarley
      May not be a spiderling, many SoCal sp. are dwarves.
    • KezyGLA
      agreed^ maybe juvenile eutylenum
    • Jerry
      That's awesome I wish I could walk out side and have a chance of finding a T on a bug hunt
    • Jeff23
      If dwarf, maybe Aphonopelma paloma or Aphonopelma sp. "Pajaritos Dwarf"?

      Could be hard to identify since there are so many Aphonopelma species and very few are described.
    • BobBarley
      @Jeff23 Really?? I had thought that the new(ish) revision paper pretty much covered most of them.
    • Jeff23
      @BobBarley Here is the link for what I downloaded to PDF and used for searches. Is it the same document you have viewed?


      The most obvious entry that I could not find in a recent search was bicoloratum. Maybe it isn't an Aphonopelma any more or is spelled differently? I'm not sure. I then searched for a couple other random ones just to make sure PDF search commands were working right and something else (can't remember what came up empty as well).

      I just now searched for paloma and it is in this document. The one entry I looked at showed Arizona for its location so maybe it is less likely to be the one in the picture. If that picture is a sling it could be tough to identify. Most of my really small Aphonopelma slings have colors that are full of grays and browns. I wouldn't want to try to separate them if the labels came off the containers.
    • BobBarley
      @Jeff23 I believe bicoloratum is found in Mexico, and thus wouldn't be in this paper. There is a huge array of dwarf species in southern California and Arizona, but I am not really familiar with the southern species.
    • Jeff23
      @BobBarley What you are saying makes sense. Maybe I misunderstood a post in a thread (or the poster was wrong) when I saw a mention of bicoloratum in Texas.
    • BobBarley
      @Jeff23 Perhaps you misread, and it really said moderatum? :)
    • Jeff23
      @BobBarley At first I thought moderatum was missing as well when I searched a few days ago after seeing a beautiful tarantula on a different gallery link.

      In this case I think my problem was that I had multiple PDF's open and somehow clicked on wrong document when I did the search. I did a search for bicoloratum months ago so I don't remember much about it other than not much is available for it. I kind of gave up searching for a T in that species.
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    Mar 12, 2017
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