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Kat Maehl

ID ideas?

Found in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Has hooks, has mated and is well tempered. Held him four times now.

ID ideas?
Kat Maehl, May 18, 2017
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    • Moakmeister
      @Eva but female invertebrates commonly eat their male partners. Can't get much more kinky than that
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    • cold blood

      theyre just put together..its not a diabolical coersion that gets differrent species to pair, its a forced proximity in captivity.

      I dont think you understood the bird reference...while you say a bird might shag with anything, the point was that in the wild they DO NOT choose to interbreed, hybrids are the result of altered captive conditions altering their usual pairing preferences.
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    • viper69
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    • Blue Jaye
      In the wild animals, invertebrates etc have more opportunities to breed with the best genetic partners. In captivity they usually only get one choice. Tarantulas in the wild have more mating possibilities to choose from.

      Parrots actually are a good analogy. What you are perceiving as a will shag anything is actually due to being in captivity and not having all their needs taken care of. The number one reason you see a lot of sexual activity is due to hormonal fluxes and boredom. They are flock animals that pair for life. A human partner can not compare to a bird partner nor does living most of your life in a cage and only having toys and their one human or a few to interact with.
      Working in zoos you see many different species of animals master bating out of shear boredom. Not matter what you do in captivity it can not compare to the wild and their natural habitats.
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    • Eva
      @Blue Jaye Yeah, that actually makes sense, I get it now.
      No thanks to @viper69 though :rolleyes:
      I guess I thought of invertebrates as more mechanical creatures and therefore resistant to boredom induced frustration and unable to assess their options for mating partners.
    • viper69
      @Eva No thanks to me, that is correct, so what's your point?? o_O I'm not here to repeat information already provided by 2 good members in this case. You didn't seem to believe them, hearing it a 3rd time didn't seem useful to me or you.

      Some people on forums are willfully stupid, or ignorant, or stubborn. I'm not always willing to take the time to figure out which of those a person fits. Only an ignorant person is worth speaking to.
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    • Eva
      @viper69 Don't get all touchy. You jabbed at me with a gusto there, so I just jabbed back.;)
    • viper69
      @Eva I'm not touchy, don't read into my words. I jabbed with gusto, clearly you don't know me ;) If I had, you'd have reported me.;)
    • KezyGLA
      @viper69 won AB personality of the year 2016. Looks like he is going for 2017 too :p
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    • Blue Jaye
      @Eva could you imagine how frustrating it would be to a mature male that is built instinctually to roam long distances to find a female and be stuck in a cage with no where to go. If it's instinct just trying to get out to roam would cause frustration.
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    Kat Maehl
    May 18, 2017
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