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miss moxie

C. cyaneopubescens sling 01

Micro-enclosures are the cutest.

C. cyaneopubescens sling 01
miss moxie, Dec 6, 2017
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      “This is so nice. It’d be a shame if someone covered it up with webbing.”

      - GBB
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    • miss moxie
    • cold blood
      Do you have flowers in every enclosure? You never struck me as the flowery type of girly girl.
    • miss moxie
      @cold blood Haaaa, no-- not EVERY enclosure. Most, though. It's not so much about liking flowers, really-- it's the best way to add color and that is something I really like. I'm an artist, I love color and playing with contrasting colors. IE, orange leaves or flowers in a C. versicolor sling enclosure because blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel and compliment one another while also making one another stand out. I chose orchids for my P. striata enclosure, because these orchids are mostly pink with -hints- of yellow to compliment the yellow on her legs.

      That aside, I think you'd be surprised by how girly I can be. I use foundation that costs $150, my bedding is light pink, I put lisa frank stickers on everything I care about, most of my wardrobe is comprised of dresses, I like having my nails done-- I also usually wear black, my favorite sweater has spikes on it, I own a leather motorcycle jacket, most of my shoes are boots, I swear a lot, and I love gore in my books, movies, and television shows. Oh, and I don't shriek at spiders. ;) My brand of girliness comes with a razor blade, I suppose-- a nice juxtaposition of masculine and feminine.
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    miss moxie
    Dec 6, 2017
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