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3" Ybyrapora diversipes

Female, yes?

3" Ybyrapora diversipes
Phases, Jul 17, 2017
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    • Ghost56
      Appears so, but I'm not too experienced with these. @viper69 @CEC Maybe those two can give you a more solid answer.
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    • STi
      Got the female vote from me. I got a female around the same size last year and it's a slow grower. I'm more used to OW and it has given her more time with the gorgeous juvie colors.
    • viper69
      I do it all by molt, that's 100%, anything else is suspect. I lean female on this one.
    • STi
      Completely agree with @viper69, there have been a few times that I've had a good look at a t in my collection and thought male or female, just to be proven wrong the next time they molted. Trying to sex from a picture adds to the difficulty.
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    • MobBurrow
      Yup, surely this here is a girl. Yet molts will often tell you, you know nothing. Even getting them right 9 out of 10 that ratio may one day mysteriously flip on your perspective. Years ago, used to throw some stuff on here (high res + crop piece) just to get burned. Should remain a suggestion, despite confidence (fallible). I like how you all answered this one though. We 're reminded that it isn't 100% without exact evidence.
    • CEC
      I see female. Much easier to vent sex in person, pics can be misleading and some are blatantly obvious.
      @viper69 if molt sexing is 100% then why do I often see people mistake male accessory organs for spermathecae? With either method, the accuracy depends on the knowledge of the person sexing it.
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    • MobBurrow
      True. Figure the 100% comes in, with cases of present and apparent goods (e.g., we have fused spermathecae on said spp and/or size.) Not sure you can deny anything. Very still, some may post for clarification (which in this scenario may come w certainty). Certainty being 100%. Anything less (with this diver imo) even at 99%, still remains logical or belief-type probability. Having molt on hand clearly adds no credibility on it's own, as you had mentioned; Important to point out too. Accessory glands as well as uterus externus should also be considered. Spermathecae shapes on most kept in hobby are photographed as well as illustrated online. Might also keep in mind that a few could change approaching maturity. I'm aware that (like most things in this hobby) this thread should be assumed mostly opinion. My only issue is the language often suggesting otherwise, such as "definately" and even "100%" on a 2-3 inch specimen. Would never argue against more eyes however.
    • viper69
      @CEC You knew the answer yourself ;) But in my observations many people have an easier time using a molt, rather than ventral sexing (assuming the molt is in good shape etc). I think the hard time people have, is looking under a microscope/screen and knowing what to look for as you alluded too. But all things being equal, molt is 100%, vent is not.
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    • CEC
      @viper69 There's no doubt that molt sexing is easier and takes less experience. The funny thing is, from my experience and what I've seen over the years (especially on FB where the inexperienced are abdundant) I'd count on an experienced person's vent sex over an inexperienced molt sex anyday. Lol
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    • CEC
      For example...
      Both can be %100 accurate and both can be completely wrong depending on the person sexing it.
      Not to toot my own horn but I haven't molt sexed any of my Avics(or former) in years. I have yet to be surprised. So I know it can be done with %100 accuracy. Now with other genera I keep, unless it's a blatantly obvious sub-adult or adult, I'm check'n molts.
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